Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, ahem unknowingly asks gopi to bring his green tea. Koki and radha shocks, gopi feels happy. Ahem again realizes and stops her. Ahem denies tea from radha as well. Ahem says he wanna go to his room. Gopi gives a sign to bha and bha stops him. Bha insists him to have food. Ahem unwillingly agrees as koki also insists. Koki finds the recipes and doubts but asks ahem to have. Ahem eats and realizes its prepared by gopi  but continues few more bites. Gopi will be happy. Bha asks ahem how is the food. Ahem nods as yes. Again he doubts and walks off from there. Gopi again gets depressed. 

Here at urmi's place, urmi will be trying to call rashi but it will be switched off so she thinks of going to the same function which rashi had gone. At modi bhawan, koki and bha asks ahem to have food but ahem rejects. Ahem asks meeti about the red file. Meeti finds its missing. Ahem yells at meeti so koki says they all shall search and find it. All will be searching for it, tolu remembers radha was standing near it. Kids tell everyone that they have seen radha near the file. Koki asks radha about it but radha denies that she dint see it. Ahem again yells at meeti. Radha again says all the things were here except the file. Radha says there were gopi's clothes on the table, so it might have gone with them. Ahem leaves from there and goes to gopi's room and checks her clothes. There he finds the file and brings it downstairs. 

Ahem shows the file to everyone. Gopi wonders and defends herself that she doesnt know about it. Hetal as well tries to defend gopi but ahem says the file was inside the bag as if someone has kept it. Gopi tries defend herself but koki scolds her not to lie. Ahem too scolds her. Ahem yells at gopi that she wants to prove herself as his wife. Gopi says no its a lie. Ahem again says so say its a lie that you have prepared the food too. Gopi remains calm. Radha wonders and asks gopi. Koki says yes and thats the reason she dint have it. Ahem again yells at gopi that he can live without gopi and he wants divorce with her and marry radha. Gopi remains shocked, koki speechless and radha feels happy. Ahem again says, he will do whaatever he has told and he will marry radha too. Bha scolds ahem not to dare to think about divorce and she thought koki-ahem will change but it hasnt happened. And he cant remove gopi from his life. So ahem yells that he will take divorce from gopi.