Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th March 2014 Written Update

Rashi missing :(

At modi bhawan, ahem declares he will divorce gopi. Hetal scolds ahem that gopi was his life partner and mother of his child and has fulfilled all the responsibilities of a DIL and now he wants to divorce her. Ahem again says though anyone says anything he will never change his decision and marry radha. Urmi comes there crying and says rashi is missing and pleads modis to find her. Jigar goes to rashi's friend's home and asks for rashi. She tells that rashi hasnt come here and urmi has also come here. Here at modi bhawan, urmi will be worried for rashi. Urmi says she went to her friend's place but she told that rashi hasnt come. Jigar calls urmi and tells that rashi is missing. Urmi pleads jigar to find her. Urmi gives mobile to ahem. Urmi grabs tolu-molu and cries for rashi. Hetal consoles urmi and ahem asks jigar to come to police station to file a complaint. Ahem leaves. Tolu-molu will be crying so gopi consoles them. Gopi finds vidya praying for rashi and tolu-molu goes to vidya. Vidya asks his brothers to pray khana ji to send back their mom soon. Even gopi prays for rashi.

Jigar-ahem files a complaint. Jigar will be worried for rashi. Here in modi bhawan, urmi will be crying for rashi. Kinjal-madhu-pappu reach their and asks for how was rashi missing. Radha doubts that urmi-rashi are planning this missing plan to stop her marriage again and again thinks rashi shouldnt be found till her marriage if not she will be planning to stop the marriage. 

At some magic show, the magician jignesh asks his assistant to make the juice and unknowingly bhaang tablets gets mixed in the drinks. 

Tolu-molu will be crying for rashi. Vidya gives some idea to find rashi. Urmi will be still crying for rashi. Koki blames gopi that because of someone there are getting troubles. Gopi feels bad and leaves from there and hetal follows. Hetal consoles gopi. Gopi will be crying for rashi and feels bad that ahem-koki are very angry with her. Hetal says gopi that till 8 years she and ahem dint even talk to anyone and now after she has come home they are behaving normal so she should have some faith and patience. Both go to kids room to check them. 

In the van, rashi wakes up and bangs on the box to open. The magician and his assistant gets tensed and asks a wooden box vendor to take away. They sell the box to vendor and he takes away. Rashi again gets fainted. Here ahem-jigar will be searching for rashi. Gopi-hetal find kids going out from window and stops them. Kids say they are worried for rashi and they want to search for her. Gopi promises kids that she will definitely find their mom and bring home.