Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Beintehaa 27th March 2014 Written Update

Aliya writes a letter to zain that she is leaving to Bhopal giving back his freedom. Aliya keeps the letter under zain's pillow and recalls all their sweet moments. Aliya leaves with her suitcase. After a while, zain wakes up and finds aliya is missing. He checks the washroom and thinks she might have gone to kitchen but again after getting onto bed he finds the letter and reads it. Zain remains speechless for a while and feels bad that aliya has left. Again he comes into the senses and thinks where can she go. Zain calls to aliya's mobile but finds the mobile is in their room itself. Zain calls airport and inquires about next flight to Bhopal, he feels relived when he hears that is next day morning. Again he calls railway station and gets shocked that Bhopal's train is in 30mins. Zain rushes to railway station and searches for aliya. Zain couldnt find aliya and sits in the entrance door of the train. Aliya finds him and tries to rush away from there but her suitcase gets opened and zain finds her. Zain approaches her and repacks the suitcase and says she is a number one fool. Again zain says aliya that she has fallen for him but aliya replies that he isnt a hero to fall for. Zain blames aliya that she wants usmaan to scold him for letting her leave home. Aliya asks zain to go back to home. Zain says so he has won as she is leaving now. Aliya asks him to leave. Zain takes away the calender from her hand. Aliya takes it back and tears it. Aliya asks zain to leave but zain tears away her ticket to Bhopal. 

Suraya provokes usman saying that aliya has left their home without saying any word and she has no responsibility towards marriage. Usman remains thinking. Here zain asks aliya that she is leaving barkat forgetting the marriage promises. Aliya remains calm.