Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 28 March 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th March 2014 Written Update

 At modi bhawan, gopi says she will go and find rashi as she cant break the promise she has given to the kids. Hetal asks gopi to take the car. First gopi rejects but hetal insists her to take. The driver drops her near the mandir and goes away for parking. The goons again find gopi and demands her to give all her money. Here in modi bhawan urmi will be worried for rashi, madhu and kinjal pacifies her. Radha wishes rashi doesnt come back again so that ahem gives divorce to gopi and she can marry ahem and be happy as one DIL of modis. 

Gopi gives her money and gold but the goons will be dissapointed and says the woman in the morning was so rich. Gopi shows rashi picture and asks whether it was her. Goons say it was her and asks whether she is her sister so that they can kidnap and get ransom. 

Meeti comes downstairs and tells everyone that kids are missing. Hetal says few minutes back when she went to their room they were all dressed to search rashi but gopi has stopped them. Here goons try to kidnap gopi but tolu-molu-pappu-vidya start hitting them with rocks. They demand the goons to give back gopi's jewelry and money. The goons give away. Gopi asks kids why did they come out when she has told not to. Kids reply that they have come to search rashi along with her and want to protect her.

Ahem-jigar will be in police station, the police get call from a man that they have caught two thieves. Gopi calls jigar and informs that two goons have tried to kidnap her and she has run away some where. Gopi again calls modi bhawan and gives about the clue of rashi's missing and kids are with her. Police and jigar-ahem reach mandir. Police asks the goons to tell about rashi. The goons say that rashi had hid behind a jumbo circus van. Ahem scolds gopi that she has come out to search for rashi along with kids. Tolu says ahem that gopi doesnt know about them coming behind gopi. Ahem asks gopi to go back home with kids. Here koki will be angry with gopi for taking kids along with her. 

At modis colony, the people will be busy in holi preparations. The watchman find the box and purchases it for 500 rupees. The magician and his assistant come there. As they will be in bhaang nasha they think of throwing the box into fire to burn away the ghost inside. Rashi will be yelling for help but no one could hear because of drums sound. The magician keeps the box in the fire.