Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 4 April 2014

Beintehaa 4th April 2014 Written Update

Aliya says zain that she has seen suraya near the well. Zain thinks she is joking. Aliya once again says that she has seen suraya there. Zain says from his childhood no one is allowed to go there nor open the door. Aliya says zain that she would go and find out. Zain denies to come along with aliya so she leaves alone. Aliya goes near the well alone and finds the door is locked. Zain comes there, aliya wonders looking at zain and shouts. Zain asks her not to shout and says he has come to clear her misunderstanding. The couple finds the well is dry and finds a trunk. They open and find a frock with blood stains and toys. Usmaan comes there and scolds the couple for coming there when he has insisted not to come. Usmaan asks the couple to leave. Usmaan looks at the well sadly and leaves. 

Zain feels guilty for lying Usman about aliya. Aliya will be determined to find the truth. Aliya insists zain to check once more. He says they shall check in the morning. She insists and tries to go, but gets her leg gets sprained. Zain tries to apply balm but she denies. Zain distracts aliya by saying about their one night outing and makes her leg fine. Aliya asks whether he was telling about that trip to distract her. He says whatever and leaves. 

Aayath remembers Rizwan proposing her and assuring he will not betray her. She gets Rizwan’s call, he says he has reached Mumbai safe. He says he was thinking all the way if she would come to Mumbai and surprise him as he surprised her. Aayath says she will not come and says she is already betrayed once and does not want to get betrayed again. Gowhar comes there and tries to talk to him but rizwan leaves from there. Gowhar thinks to make rizwan love her anyhow. 

In the late night, aliya gets a call from some unknown who asks if she wants to know secret of well. She wakes up Zain and switches on mobile’s speaker. She asks who is speaking. He says it is none of her business and says she has to know the secret and asks her to go and ask her Usman and Suraya secret behind blood-stained clothes and toys.