Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 4 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2014 Written Update

Radha and tripti's plan got revealed
Koki in her room will be thinking how to stop vidya to stay back with them without gopi and whats the right decision to take towards gopi. Early morning radha gets a call (The caller will be revealed later). Next day morning, koki goes to khana ji's mandir. Koki asks khana ji to answer her questions as her family members have lost faith in her. Koki crying says, mira has left her and gopi has left home and she was angry with him since 8 years. She was angry with gopi as she dint say any thing about pregnancy with vidya and she dint think about ahem and herself. Now bha is believing gopi and how can she again believe in gopi again. Pleads to forgive her for all her mistakes and asks to give the right path. Koki hears radha's voice and turns back. Koki finds radha has come to mandir. Koki thinks khana ji is 

Koki finds radha speaking to tripti. Radha says tripti, today i am getting married to ahem. Now I'll take revenge on modis. Koki will be shocked finding radha with tripti. Here in modi bhawan gopi will be praying for right path. Again tripti says radha, modis has murdered umang and they both will take revenge on modis. Radha says, yes now after marriage i will make modis life hell. Koki shocks listening to radha's words. At modi bhawan, bha-hetal feels sorry for gopi and apologizes her as they are helpless now. Again radha says, koki and ahem are angry with gopi as she has killed mira but mira isnt dead. I have tried killing mira as she was the one who is loved by all modis. I threw a stone and gopi got slipped from gopi's hand and mira has fallen into water. When modis were searching for mira she found her. I took her far away and i left her in the mandir. Now she is growing in mandir. Koki shocks and gets hyper with radha. While walking downstairs, radha shows mira who is selling flowers. Koki finds mira and feels happy. Koki calls radha and both radha-tripti are shocked finding koki. Koki comes downstairs and slaps radha. Koki scolds radha for trying to kill mira and left her in mandir. She loved her and she has cheated her sister and tried to kill mira. Koki again says now she will send her to jail herself and she is never allowed in to modi bhawan again.

Tripti asks radha to go home and marry ahem and she will stop koki here. Tripti tries stopping koki to go home.