Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, bha cries and feels bad as the situation is going worse. Rashi consoles bha that she will never allow to divorce gopi and marry radha. Ahem says he will definitely divorce gopi. Here vidya will be crying that her parents are getting departed and ahem doesnt love them anymore. Gopi consoles kids that ahem loves vidya and they shouldnt insist for anything and talk in between the elders. Madhu asks radha to deny to get married to ahem. Madhu says ahem has a wife and a child and how can she destroy her sister's future. But radha denies to accept the truth that she is spoiling her sister's life. Radha blames gopi herself has spoiled her married life. Madhu asks radha to come back to their home. But radha rejects and asks madhu to take away her daughter gopi forever from here as modis and ahem himself hate gopi now. Kinjal also asks radha to reject but radha denies. Madhu finally says radha to reject the marriage if not she is dead forever. But radha says she has love only for gopi then she has to decide what to do. Madhu remains speechless.

Parag comes to their room and starts taunting koki that she will be happy now as ahem is divorcing gopi. Koki says she is just supporting her son. Parag scolds koki that if ahem divorces gopi then she will be spoiling her son's life only. Parag again says when she will accept gopi then only ahem will accept gopi and now he is under fear of her and doesnt want to hurt her. Koki remains calm. Hetal-chirag at mandir will be upset about gopi-ahem's relation. Bha hears their conversation that gopi is leaving home again as happened 8years before. Bha says hetal that she will convince gopi. Hetal says how can they stop gopi saying to wait and see her husband-sister's marriage? Koki comes there and asks about what they are discussing. Bha says koki that she is taking the wrong decision. They used to believe her that she can never make mistakes but now she is now supporting the wrong person. Bha leaves. Hetal as well says koki that she was very proud of her but now she has changed and she is not the one who used to think about her family and taking wrong decisions. Vidya has come in place of mira but she doesnt want to accept the happiness. Chirag says koki that she is wrong for the first time. All leave and koki remains shocked. 

Vidya will be sleeping and gopi will be thinking about ahem's words about his remarriage. Rashi comes there and taunts gopi that she wants to leave to hostel as she is fed up with responsibilities in modi bhawan. Gopi says no she doesnt feel so. Rashi asks gopi why she is leaving then. Gopi replies, when ahem itself doesnt want her anymore then she cant ahem to accept her. Rashi says when she wants to fight for her rights then she will support her. But gopi rejects to do so. Rashi gets a call from urmi so she leaves from there. Rashi says urmi that gopi is very depressed. Urmi says she got some plan. Here gopi feels bad for vidya that they should leave from there after divorce.

Koki overhears radha saying mira isnt dead.