Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 16 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2014 Written Update

At city hospital, koki will be worried for gouri and hetal consoles her. Rashi-jigar looks on happily that ahem-gopi hugging and are happy about their child. Ahem takes gopi and rushes to gouri's room. Radha will be in tense looking at modis. Modis find ahem-gopi rushing and they all follow the couple. Rashi again says jigar that gouri is mira and will be happy. Tripti comes there and finds this. Tripti thinks of going away from there if not modis would make her arrest again. Jigar-rashi hug in happiness, but koki comes there and yells at jigar. Rashi tries pacifying koki saying, hasmuk was helping her when she was slipping. But koki slaps the couple and says both are involved in this. Koki yells at jigar that he shouldnt come into modi bhawan again. Koki leaves taking rashi as well.

Ahem-gopi comes to gouri's room and recall her childhood memories. Both get emotional and have tears in eyes. Ahem rushes and hugs gouri. Couple tries waking her up. Modis reach the room and look on. Hetal wonders looking gopi calling gouri as mira. Gopi says gouri is mira. Doctor comes there and asks modis to leave from there as gouri is still in serious condition. Ahem denies to leave gouri as he has found her after so many years. Gopi requests ahem to come out. The couple walks out. Urmi asks gopi about this, gopi shows the reports to modis.

Koki takes rashi out of the hospital, jigar follows them and requests koki not to misunderstand but koki finds car keys missing so koki takes rashi back into the hospital. Here gouri wakes up and modis rush in. Gouri says she is fine. Gopi says gouri to call her "Momma" and says she is her mom. Ahem says he is her dad. Gouri wonders and looks on. Gopi explains gouri that they missed her 8years back and found now. They lost her on her birthday near mandir and now 3 days before her birthday. Gopi again says they were believing in khana ji that they would find her any day. Gouri cries and calls momma and papa to gopi-ahem. All 3 burst in tears. Gopi thanks khana ji for giving their mira back. Modis will be in tears for the happy family again. All the elders kiss mira. Koki-rashi comes there and finds everyone crying and asks what happened. Ahem hugs koki and says they found mira, all remains shocked and koki as well. Radha finds modis and gets worried that if koki regains her memory then she will get into trouble and rushes away from there. Koki scolds ahem for hugging her and yells that she doesnt know about mira. Koki again faints.