Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 19 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, chirag-parag-nani-bha feels happy about mira and wishes koki to get well soon. Koki comes there and asks what are they talking about. Parag says they were talking about her that koki takes care of home but doesnt thinks of her health. Koki nods and thinks on. At urmi's house, urmi tries to convince kinjal not to donate the money in the orphanage but kinjal rejects as they have enough money because of rashi. Urmi thinks of planning something to save the money at home itself as modis have found out mira and gopi will take her place back then rashi cant give money to her. At modi bhawan, door bell rings, ahem opens the door, rashi rushes their and takes the cake from the courier boy. After he leaves, rashi says ahem and kids that they will have fun in mira's birthday. Koki also wakes up and comes there. Rashi says it was the cake delivery boy and stops herself. Koki sends everyone to sleep and she goes back to her room. But koki finds jigar outside and thinks something is happening behind her. 

Urmi comes downstairs and thinks of doing something to save her money. Urmi finds dhaval's baniyan shop and thinks of asking money if not she would sell his shop. At modi bhawan, koki finds parag is missing in their room, rashi takes jigar in kid's room for cake cutting. All gather for cake cutting. Hetal feels bad that koki is missing in this celebration. Mira cuts the cake along with ahem-gopi-vidya as others wish. All the kids clap and sing the birthday song for mira. Mira gives cake to her parents. Bha gifts khana ji's idol to mira. Rashi takes family snaps. Koki hears this and comes there. All remain shocked. Ahem and others hide the cake and radha takes the knife and keeps. Rashi switches on the light. Koki asks what are they doing, rashi says they were watching tv. Koki finds pappu and asks why is this kid here. Rashi says he came to stay here for holidays. Koki finds the knife in radha's hand and jigar in the room and asks why is he here. Rashi says he brought water, but koki doubts where's water. Nani comes there and asks what is she doing here. Rashi gives a sign to nani to take koki away from there. Nani takes her away. Ahem gets a call from police saying they got some information about mira's case so they are coming home. Ahem agrees. At urmi's house, urmi makes a deal with someone about dhaval's shop. Jitthu asks urmi what deal is she doing but urmi denies to say. At modi bhawan, police asks gopi whether she has found anyone near the hill but gopi couldnt remember. Ahem says mira is their daughter who got missed 8 years back. Gopi again doubts that the picnic spot was 2 hours away from town but she was raised in mandir and it looks suspicious. Police says all these incidents are matching and might be koki knows about the culprit.