Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki-bha-nani in bha's room, koki doubts why everyone dint ask her to watch the movie together. Nani tries to make koki leave the matter, but koki still wonders. So bha explains koki that she is very puntual and she would not allow them to watch the movie so they dint wake her up. Radha goes to tripti's home and finds lock and waits for tripti. Tripti comes home and wakes up radha. Radha asks tripti to run away with her and modis have doubt that mira's kidnap was planned. Tripti says if modis arent doubting anyone so they need not run away. Radha says if koki regains her memory then she will kill her. Tripti explains radha not to run away from modi bhawan if not police will doubt her. Tripti sends radha back to modi bhawan. 

At modi bhawan, ahem will be thinking deeply about mira's case, gopi comes there and ioffers water to him. Ahem take and remains silent. Gopi says ahem that everything will be fine and leaves from there. Vidya comes there and gives his mobile which he has forgot downstairs. Ahem thanks her, vidya kisses him and leaves from there. Koki in her room thinking why she is feeling suspicious about her family members. Radha comes back home and checks jigar sleeping and walks inside. But rashi finds radha and yells at her where she has gone in this late night. Jigar wakes up. Radha lies that she went for mandir. So rashi asks for prasad. Radha says prasad was finished that time. Rashi scolds radha that she was having evil thoughts about marrying jigar. Jigar asks rashi to stop it. Rashi sends radha into the house. Rashi doubts that radha had gone some where.

Next morning, kids in their room plan to make ahem-gopi's friendship. Doctor checks koki and says her to take rest and have tablets on time. Doctor comes downstairs. Doctor tells modis that koki is thinking something and it might effect her present also. Rashi says they have found their lost baby after so many years which koki dont even remember. Doctor asks ahem to take special care of koki and he has increased the dose too to get koki's memory soon. Radha overhears this and gets worried. Radha calls tripti and tells about koki's health checkup. 

Dhawal comes home and asks urmi whether she has sold his baniyan shop. But the broker is his friend so he told everything. Urmi taunts dhawal that he dint get settled till now. Kinjal taunts urmi that she is enjoying with modis money. Dhawal warns urmi not to try to sell his shop.