Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, everyone will be worried for koki as she is missing. Ahem-chirag-parag move out to search for koki. At urmi's place, kinjal will be worried for koki and feeling bad as koki isnt recognizing her. Gopi consoles her. Ahem calls gopi and informs that koki is missing. Gopi says kinjal-urmi-madhu about koki's missing. Gopi says kinjal to take care of kids and she would go search for koki. Ahem reach mandir, jigar meets them and says koki was talking to pundit a while ago but she is missing. All move to search for koki. Kids come back home and find kinjal crying. Even gopi reach temple. Ahem scolds jigar for being careless and now koki is missing. All 3 start searching for koki along with chirag-parag. Hetal feels bad as she has yelled at koki for the 1st time. Radha calls tripti and tells her about koki missing and asks her to kill koki if she finds. But koki comes back koki along with pundit. Rashi-hetal feel happy looking at koki. Hetal rushes to koki to hug her but koki stops her doing so. Bha asks koki where she has gone. Koki says she went to mandir by auto and came back. Rashi calls jigar and informs that koki has come back home. Gopi-ahem feels relieved and gopi goes into the mandir and thanks khanaji. All 3 start back home. 

Koki asks pundit to check a date for radha-jigar's (meeti-hasmuk) marriage. All remain shocked. Radha hears this and leaves the tray. Koki scolds radha. Hetal says koki it doesnt happen. But koki requests hetal not to come in between her decisions. Hetal asks koki that she cannot involve in jigar's marriage. All reach home. Koki says she has decided to marry radha-hasmuk and it will happen the very next day. All remain shocked. Pundit leaves. Koki again says that ahem-gopi should leave home now but hetal is rejecting this to happen. Ahem says he and gopi would leave house next day. Koki declares that next day radha-jigar's marriage will take place. Rashi-jigar remain shocked. Koki leaves to her room. Rashi yells at ahem for agreeing to leave home and for jigar-radha's marriage who was trying to her own sister's marriage. Rashi leaves from there, jigar follows her. Ahem asks hetal to convince rashi and take care of her. 

Kinjal asks dhaval to talk to pooja once. But dhaval denies it. Kinjal tries to convince him saying that pooja's garment factory can combine with his baniyan shop and develop the business. Dhaval leaves. Koki will be worried for jigna as she is missing in home. Gopi consoles koki and says she would call her. Hetal also comes there. Gopi says hetal that koki might have forgot about what has happened before. Koki asks hetal about rashi. Gopi calls rashi but couldnt connect the call. Hetal tries calling jigar. But shockingly jigar-rashi come home as a married couple. Koki remains shocked along with gopi-hetal. Rashi says koki that she got married. Koki shocks and yells at rashi. Koki slaps the couple in anger. Rashi-jigar pleads koki to accept their relation. Koki tries slapping jigar but ahem stops her.