Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki yells at ahem for stopping her. Again koki yells at rashi-jigar for getting married without her permission. Ahem-jigar tries to console her and convince her that the couple love eachother. But koki yells at the 2 couples to leave the house. Ahem agrees to leave the house. Hetal stops ahem and asks koki not to send rashi-jigar & ahem-gopi. But koki asks hetal to stop it. The 2 couples walk out, but at the same time kids come home with dhaval. Kids hug their parents and asks them not to leave. Koki hears this and scolds not to call the couples as their parents. Hetal requests koki not to send jigar-rashi out before kids. koki allows rashi in but pushes away jigar from home. Rashi asks koki to agree for their marriage but koki takes away rashi from there. Hetal asks ahem not to leave but ahem says he cant bear this pain and he would go out of the house. In rashi's room, koki yells at rashi for getting married. Koki says she would send her away to their village and their mom would select a guy for her. Koki leaves from there. Hetal-bha comes there and consoles rashi. Rashi says she was worried that radha would marry jigar so they took this decision. Rashi apologizes hetal. In kids room, mira consoles vidya that their parents would come back soon when their grandmother gets well. Koki listens this and thinks of talking to hetal-bha about kids. 

On the streets, kinjal meets pooja and urmi follows them. Urmi hides behind them and tries listening to their conversation but pooja takes away kinjal in her car. Urmi will be disappointed that she cant know about their plans and how pooja would help kinjal in the baniyan business. Koki comes to rashi's room and asks how kids can call her "dadi"(Grandmother). Suddenly koki feels giddy and headache. Again koki says she will not accept rashi's marriage. Bha says koki she should agree this marriage. Koki feels emotional and cries for insulting, koki leaves crying. Radha finds this and thinks of doing something so that koki gets departed from modi family. Dhaval-ahem-gopi reach urmi's house. Ahem says they would stay in hotel but dhaval requests to stay with them. Ahem couldnt deny it and follows them in. Radha brings milk-fruits for koki and consoles her about jigna's marriage. Radha slowly keeps the knife-a letter under the blanket. Radha while talking to koki sits on bed and says something there under the blanket. Koki shocks looking at the knife. Koki reads the letter saying to be in control of her words and not to dominate people. Radha poisons koki's mind that someone is trying to kill her. Koki thinks for a while and decides something. Kinjal-urmi come back home. Ahem says koki had pushed them out of the house. Kinjal will be happy that ahem-gopi are together. Police arrive there and says gopi-ahem are under arrest as koki has filed a complaint against them. All remain shocked.