Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 20 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2014 Written Update

The carriage people feel dizzy so they stop the carriage aside. Tripti-radha take away koki from there.  Gopi helps an old woman who has slipped because of people rushing. Son of that old woman scolds her for being careless, so gopi scolds them for misbehaving with his mother. Rashi-mira will be taking picture at a beautiful view, where ahem-jigar will be searching for koki. Mira finds tripti radha taking away koki with them and walks to them. Mira finds koki clearly and calls her. Tripti radha will be shocked looking mira. Tripti radha rush in between crowd, mira misses them. Rashi realizes that mira is missing after checking her pictures. 

After discussing with the son-mother gopi finds koki no where. But she finds ahem-jigar. She rushes to them and hugs ahem. All three go to check koki but they find koki is missing and even the palki people. Rashi comes there and tells that mira is missing. All 4 separate in each direction to search for koki-mira. Later, ahem scolds rashi gopi for being careless regarding koki and mira. Hetal calls jigar, he tells her that koki-mira gone missing and they found gopi. Hetal gets worried. 

Tripti radha take away koki, but still mira will be following them calling dadi. Radha defends herself that she was taking care of mira but she suddenly gone missing. Ahem apologizes rashi and asks everyone to search for koki-mira. Tripti radha take koki up hill, radha gets tired carrying koki. Tripti scolds not to yell about killing koki as people might hear them. Tripti says they would go some more up hill and throw away koki from there. Modis find the palki guys and rush over there. Gopi asks for koki to the guys but they will be still in dizzy state and says they do not know about her. Tripti radha find mira is behind them and rush again but mira finds koki and rush to them. Ahem asks the ladies to wait there and they both would go find koki-mira.