Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 23 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2014 Written Update

Koki regained her memory :)

Rashi-gopi find mira's dupatta and thinks she is near to them. Both the ladies rush to the dupatta and rush forward. Mira hears radha yelling for help. Mira prays maata rani to help her to help radha. She finds a tree branch and throws to radha, radha grabs it. Mira tries pulling her up. Tripti finds koki and also finds an electric pole which is hanging and ready to fall. Tripti plans to kill koki by letting electric pole to fall on koki. Here modis in search of koki-mira. Koki finds tripti pushing the electric pole to fall on her and tries to move away from there but couldnt. Finally tripti succeeds, the electric pole wire to fall on koki. Koki gets current shock and faints. Mira finds koki and yells dadi. Radha is saved by mira. Mira rushes to koki. Gopi-rashi hears mira's voice and rushes. Radha thinks tripti has killed koki. Radha comes to tripti. Tripti hears gopi's voice and takes away radha and rushes. Mira finds radha with tripti. Tripti says she has killed koki, radha feels happy. Both rush away from there. Gopi-rashi reach mira. Mira says koki has got electric shock. 

Rashi takes off the current wires from koki. Gopi tries waking up koki. Jigar calls rashi, rashi explains where they are and says they found koki-mira. Ahem-jigar rush to the spot. Gopi scolds maata rani for not helping them. The ladies decide to take koki to mandir. All the ladies walk towards mandir. Ahem-jigar find them. Jigar try to find a doctor but couldnt. A devotee says them to take inside the mandir ans she will be fine. Hetal calls jigar, they tell her that koki-mira have been found. All reach mandir. Gopi prays maata rani to make koki fine. After a while, koki wakes up and remembers everything. Koki yells for mira. Modis remain shocked looking at koki.