Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2014 Written Update

Koki reveals the truth before modis about mira's missing for about 8 years. 

Koki yells for mira. Koki finds gopi beside and hugs her happily. Koki asks gopi for mira. Gopi shows mira and koki hugs her happily. Koki recognizes everyone and hugs them. Koki says she was saving mira from radha & tripti. All wonder. Koki says everyone that those 2 ladies have kidnapped and tried to kill mira. Gopi asks koki whether she is confident that it was radha. Koki explains, she went to mandir after 8 years because of ahem-radha's marriage but there she heard that radha has thrown stone at gopi and she got slipped. Then radha kidnapped mira and kept her near mandir. When she was taking away mira, tripti tried killing them. She got hit to the stone and forgot everything. Mira says so it was tripti who was radha. Mira tells koki that they both tried to kill koki by throwing the electric pole on her and later rushed away from there when gopi-rashi have come there. Gopi couldnt believe that her sister has gave this much pain to her for these many years. Koki explains gopi that there are few evil people on earth who doesnt care about others feelings. Modis remain shocked with the truth. Rashi says so this was the reason why radha wasnt with them on that day along with tripti. Gopi will be confused why radha has done this to them. Koki says the 2 ladies wanted to take revenge about umang's death. Rashi says they should call police and make the ladies arrest. But gopi stops rashi and says radha gave so much pain to all of them by trying to kill mira only because of her, and koki has suffered all these days. So they shouldnt get arrested so easily. And she would suffer them as much they have done to them. Gopi promises maata rani that she would make tripti-radha feel sorry about her deeds she wouldnt do any aarthi of maata rani. Rashi says they should collect some proof against radha-tripti. Everyone agree with gopi. Rashi calls hetal and says everyone are safe and asks not to say about koki or mira to radha. 

Radha-tripti come back to rajkot. Both will be happy that they have successfully killed koki and got saved. Radha says tripti that she would go to her mother as she has told hetal that she will be with madhu for few days. Both depart happily. Radha comes to urmi's house and says madhu that she has come there to take care of her. Madhu will be worried about koki-gopi. At modi bhawan, urmi will be doubtful why rashi has told her to keep secret about koki-mira. Madhu calls hetal and asks about koki-gopi but hetal replies that she dint get any information yet. Radha hears madhu's conversation and thinks they might have thought about bha and kept koki's death a secret. Radha says herself that now she took revenge with modis for his death.