Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2014 Written Update

Modis started troubling radha 3:)

At modi bhawan, madhu will be surprised about radha's revenge on gopi. Gopi-rashi say madhu that they will make her realize her mistake. Gopi takes promise from madhu that she would support them. Radha comes there, so rashi changes the topic saying koki has allowed gopi-ahem to stay with them because they have saved her life. Radha will be worried that gopi-ahem will be at home now. Madhu says gopi to be strong. Kids will be happy that koki is back at home. Tolu-molu will be worried that next week their school will be re-opened. They hear fortune-teller's voice and they rush downstairs. Gopi will be worried why the kids are rushing out. Kids will be asking questions to poppat (parrot), gopi-rashi comes there. Gopi scolds the man for keeping the parrot in the cage and making money out of it. Gopi warns him to give the parrot to them if not they will call the police. The fortune-teller leaves the parrot with modis and leaves. Rashi gets an idea to use this parrot in taking revenge with radha. 

Rashi-Gopi-Kids come inside the house. Rashi shows the parrot to everyone and says its pundit's parrot and he is going other city so he asked to take care of it for few days and can say future or past. Vidya-other kids starts asking the parrot with few questions, parrot will be giving the right answers. Gopi asks the parrot why koki's health is getting worse and by whom, parrot replies its because of tripti-radha. Radha remains shocked with the answer. Radha defends herself saying she dint do anything, koki asks radha to be calm as she is mani. Parrot says she heard everything at the mandir. Radha gets tensed. Rashi asks radha why is she so tensed about parrot. Radha says nothing like that and leaves from there.

Rashi explains that she has recorded the answers before coming inside the home. Hetal-koki will be impressed with rashi's work. Rashi says even kids helped them. Radha will be worried and tries calling tripti but couldnt reach her. Hetal calls radha and gives some cleaning work to her. While radha working in the kitchen, mira comes there. Few vessels fall on ground from the cupboard. Radha starts yelling at mira, and she will be crying. Koki-gopi comes there. Koki tries hitting radha but gopi stops her. Radha finds koki-gopi and says smoothly that she was explaining mira to be careful. Gopi asks mira to come with them. Gopi asks koki to control her anger.