Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 27 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2014 Written Update

Radha tries killing popat (How evil :( )

At modi bhawan, modis gather in bha's room to plan how to trap radha-tripti. Rashi asks urmi to leave but she doesnt agree. Later, radha finds parrot near the garden and goes to it. Rashi hides behind a pillar and looks on. Radha asks parrot whether it know everything, rashi again makes the sound as yes. Radha walks to the parrot and grab it, but rashi comes there and stops her. Rashi scolds radha for troubling the parrot. Rashi calls on all the ladies, koki-gopi-hetal come there. Rashi complaints koki that radha was trying to kill the parrot. Koki scolds radha. Radha says no she was trying to make friendship with her. Parrot replies no. Koki asks radha to do her work in the kitchen. Radha leaves. Rashi will be happy and says everyone that they can make radha do anything through this parrot. But gopi says they should take care of the parrot more as radha might harm her. 

In the kitchen, radha takes out rat poison and adds to the mirchi. Gopi finds this and shocks, gopi rushes from there. Radha tries to feed the parrot, gopi dashes radha and the plate falls on ground. Gopi says she was on call and dint find her. Parrot bites radha's finger. So gopi gives her first-aid. Rashi sends a message to send radha upstairs. So gopi sends radha to her room to take rest. Radha leaves. Urmi finds no one in koki's room and steals few gold jewelry, but rashi comes there and asks her keep them in back again. Urmi tries to bribe rashi, but rashi calls all the ladies there. Radha will be looking them from outside. All the ladies come there, Rashi says urmi was stealing jewelry. Rashi starts scolding radha indirectly that few people in their house behave so well but has evil thoughts. Radha shocks. Rashi drags away urmi out of the house and says she shouldnt be seen in this house forever. Rashi shuts the doors. 

At pooja's office, pooja finds dhaval working hardly and feels impressed with them. Dhaval says he has completed all his work. Pooja asks him to come for a movie with her. Dhaval smoothly denies. Pooja says she would go alone, but dhaval feels bad and says he would accompany her. Pooja feels happy. At modi bhawan, gopi-hetal explains rashi to forgive urmi. But rashi denies to listen to them. Radha will be checking this and thinks tripti might plan something with this broken relationship. Later, radha offers tea for bha but she denies to have it. Gopi requests bha to have it. Bha unwillingly takes it. Tripti calls radha, so she leaves from there.