Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2014 Written Update

Modis to catch tripti-radha red-handed.

At modi bhawan, all the 4 ladies say that they should do something regarding radha. Radha hears this and gets down from the pipe. Radha comes into hall and calls tripti. Here koki takes the parallel phone and hears their conversation. Radha says tripti that their plans have got spoiled and they should meet in 2 hours at view point. Tripti agrees and hangs on the call. Tripti thinks radha is going to trap her at view point and make her arrest their. She finds the love letter radha has written for umang and writes a suicide note for radha same as radha's writing and thinks of killing her at view point. 

Lady modis decide to follow radha. They find radha going out. Koki says everyone that they should catch tripti-radha red-handed. Rashi says she would drive, and koki-gopi-rashi follow radha's auto. But tripti will be waiting outside modi bhawan and finds modis following radha. Tripti thinks radha has planned this along with modis to arrest her. So tripti follows gopi's vehicle. Even urmi starts in auto to view point. Tripti dashes a vegetable thela, modis stop there. Tripti feels happy that she has distracted modis. But koki finds tripti in the car and shocks. Koki says gopi-rashi that she has seen tripti in the car. Koki says tripti has intentionally distracted them. Again they follow. Urmi reaches to view point and finds radha there. Urmi feels greedy about kulfi discount and will be purchasing them. Mean time, tripti sends a mobile to radha through a boy and asks radha to come to another place as she has changed the plan. Radha agrees and takes an auto. After purchasing kulfi's urmi finds radha missing and again finds tripti following radha's auto. Modis reach view point. Urmi says radha went away with tripti. Modis feel disappointed. Gopi gets an idea. 

Hetal will be worried about the ladies. Jigar comes home, jigar talks to rashi and learns that radha has made them fool. Jigar says rashi that he and ahem would reach there with police. Radha comes to some old unused building as per tripti's directions.