Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd July 2014 Written Update

Radha walks inside the building. After a while, radha meets tripti. Poor radha explains tripti that modis have learnt all the truth. But tripti slaps radha. Here the modi ladies along with urmi reach tripti's house. But it'll will locked. So urmi suggests that there is a window behind and they can go from there. Even the window will be locked. Koki breaks the window glass and opens the window. All the ladies get inside the house to find any proofs against proofs. Here tripti scolds radha for cheating on her. Radha defends herself but tripti again slaps radha and asks why she went to police station with modis. Radha explains that koki has regained her memory and they are playing with them. Tripti doesnt believe in her. 

The ladies couldnt find anything important in tripti's house, so koki decides to inform police about them. Urmi in tripti's bedroom find a box up on the cupboard. She slips and falls on ground while taking out. Gopi finds the dustbin is disturbed and keeps all the papers back in. She finds some suspicious and reads the letters. Rashi reads the letter and finds its radha's suicide letter. Koki reads the letter which summaries that radha was trying to take revenge on modis because of umang's death but couldnt so she is killing herself and modis are responsible for her death. The ladies shock. Rashi finds the actual love letter written by radha for umang and now this suicide note has the same writing with some change. Koki says it means now tripti wants to kill radha and blame modis for it. Gopi calls ahem and tells about tripti's plan. Radha pleads tripti to believe her but tripti doesnt. Tripti says radha to kill herself. Radha pushes tripti and tries running away from there but tripti grabs radha. The auto driver comes to modi bhawan and says he has taken radha to view point and later to purana bazar but she hadnt come back so he came back to modi bhawan to collect money. After the driver leaving, hetal informs this to gopi. So they decide to go to that place. Tripti ties radha to a chair. Tripti scolds radha for taking away her husband umang from her and for marrying him. Radha remains shocked.