Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2014 Written Update

Rashi Modi No more

Gopi yells at anurag that she love ahem and cannot marry him. Rashi-gopi try to escape bu anurag grabs gopi's hair and pushes away rashi. Rashi his to a bench and finds gopi struggling in anurag's hands. Rashi brings a rod and hits anurag. Both the ladies hit anurag and run away from there. Jigar comes to the school and finds rashi's slippers. Urmi-koki arrives there. All yell for both the ladies. Ahem-police as well arrive there. Gopi-rashi hear modis calling them and rush towards entrance. Both the ladies find modis at the gate and feel happy. Urmi-koki and others feel relaxed when they find rashi-gopi. Jigra tries breaking the lock with the rock but couldnt open it. Anurag comes downstairs with the rod and thinks of killing gopi. Koki yells to check behind. They find anurag trying to hit gopi, rashi pulls off gopi and anurag hits on rashi's head. All shocked. Jigar once again tries to open the lock and opens it. All rush to rashi. Ahem rushes behind anurag and hits him badly. Police stops ahem and arrests anurag. Jigar takes rashi into his arms and rushes out. Ambulance comes. Rashi will be in fainted state. In the ambulance, all will be crying for rashi and tries waking her up. After a while rashi wakes up, rashi apologizes gopi for not understanding her. Rashi thanks hetal for loving her since day 1. Rashi asks urmi to take care of her kids. Rashi apologizes jigar for not being a good wife to him. Koki scolds rashi for talking as her last words. Rashi says today she cant stop herself with her scoldings. Rashi insists gopi to tie the rakhi. Gopi does. After a while, rashi gets fainted. Doctor checks and says rashi is no more. All remain shocked. At modi bhawan, bha-nani will be crying, savitha tries to console them. Bha requests savitha to take the kids to her house as they cant bear their mother's death. Savitha agrees. Savitha requests kids to come to her house for doing some crafts. Mira doubts about elders behavior. Kids agree and go with savitha. Mira come back and asks bha about what has happened. Bha says rashi is no more. Mira also cries. Kinjal's family arrive there and later modis. Modis remain calm. Rashi's deadbody will be arrived a modi bhawan. Bha cries. 

Urmi slaps gopi and scolds her saying because of her rashi got killed.