Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August 2014 Written Update

Last episode of rashi's appearance 

At modi bhawan, jithu shatters crying before rashi's dead body. Urmi-gopi will be in shock. Jigar gets emotional and scolds rashi to wake up for their kids. Ahem goes to jigar and consoles him. Gopi goes to rashi and asks to open her eyes and cries for tolu-molu. Gopi goes to khana ji and begs him to give back their rashi. Gopi comes back and cries before rashi. Urmi looks on gopi. Urmi goes to gopi and drags her out and slaps. Everyone wonders. Urmi yells at gopi that rashi is dead because of her. Urmi scolds gopi why she hasnt saved rashi, anurag has come for her and why rashi has suffered. Ahem gets angry but koki stops him. Urmi even scolds madhu not to act. Ahem says jigar that they should preparations for cremation. But urmi yells at everyone that modis have no right to do rashi's cremation, and she will do everything from her house only. Koki comes to urmi and says smoothly that rashi is also her daughter and she should accept the fate. But urmi doesnt agree. Hetal comes to urmi and begs her not to take rashi from modi bhawan. Even bha pleads urmi. Jitthu hugs urmi and says they both have done kanyadaan to modis so she should leave from modi bhawan only. Both cry for their only child. Koki asks ahem to do the preparations. At savitha's house, tolu-molu get upset as savitha dint arrange any crafts session so they wish to leave. But mira stops them and convinces them to stay back. At modi bhawan, modis does the cremation preparations. Urmi remembers about tolu-molu and thinks of showing rashi last time to kids. But jigar stops and requests her not to bring them as they might not bear. Here tolu-molu think of their mom bringing toys for them. Later at modi bhawan, after cremation urmi will be crying for rashi. Gents return home. Jigar hugs hetal and cries. 

Urmi says modis that she would take away tolu-molu from modi bhawan as there is no relation between her and modis as rashi isnt anymore.