Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 22 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saatiya 22nd August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu asks jigar why he has left alone. Jigar asks the kids to leave but the kids insist to sleep with him, jigar yells at kids to leave. Kids leave crying. Jigar realizes that he has done a mistake by scolding his kids and remains crying. Pari finds him crying in his room. Koki calls for gopi-rashi and comes into the kitchen, she realizes rashi isnt here anymore and feels bad that they couldnt forget rashi so easily then urmi's situation might be in much more agony so they should try to make her come out from this situation. Pari in her room, she couldnt sleep thinking of jigar's pain. Pari will be suprised why she is feeling bad for a person who dont even think of looking at her. She updates on her friendbook that is it possible to get addicted to a person and feel bad when the person is in pain. She gets replies that she is in love. Pari will be surprised that is it possible for her to fall in love with jigar. Jigar holds rashi's picture and cries for rashi to come back. Pari feels bad looking at jigar crying. Jigar goes out of his room. Pari goes into jigar's room. 

Jigar comes downstairs. A travel agent asks for rashi. Jigar says she can never come back. So the agent gives a packet of some family tour package. The agent leaves. Jigar feels bad about rashi's surprise. Pari thinks of arranging some spa to feel relaxed. Here koki-parag feels bad that even elders couldnt bear the pain of rashi's death then how can jigar take it. Koki determines herself that they should make jigar come out of this pain. Pari arranges scent candles in jigar's room and switches off the lights. Koki comes to jigar's room. Pari opens the door. Koki shocks looking at pari in jigar's room. Pari says as jigar isnt feeling to sleep well so she came to give massage to him. Koki yells at pari that she has come for some project and should concentrate on that. Ahem-gopi come there. Pari says jigar is going into depression which she cant bear. Here jigar makes kids sleep. While leaving, hetal comes there. But they hear koki yelling and rushes over there. Ahem asks pari to leave from there. But she denies. Koki yells at pari to leave jigar's room, but she denies to leave. Koki yells at pari that she has gone mad. Pari replies that she has gone mad and has fallen in love with jigar. All remain shocked. Pari confeses that she is in love with jigar and cant live without him. Koki again yells that she is crossing her limit so she should leave their house. Pari denies to leave. Pari asks koki that she hasnt done any mistake by loving someone. Ahem stops koki and says pari isnt in senses to think what she has spoken. But pari says her feelings cant change anymore and rejects to leave modi bhawan. Jigar stops koki and says pari that he still loves rashi and he will never forget her in future as well. Ahem asks pari to go to her room but koki says pari should leave their house now. 

Jigar-koki insists pari to leave modi bhawan as she has no relation with modis.