Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu asks gopi for rashi's letters. Gopi says she would read them in the evening. Koki listens this and calls her near. Koki says gopi not to hide the truth from kids and if they learn from others then they would get hurt. Gopi says if kids go to school then they can cheer for sometime. Gopi asks mira to take care of kids and not to say the truth of rashi's death. Mira promises and leaves with all. Koki asks gopi that they should tell the truth before they learn from others. Gopi replies she wants to prepare kids to bear the pain, koki says tell them before it gets late. 

At urmi's house, kinjal goes to urmi's room to give tea but she finds missing. Jitthu and madhu get worried for her. Kinjal says she might have gone to modi bhawan. At modi bhawan, hetal-gopi-koki insists jigar to have some food. But he denies. Pari comes there and forcefully feeds jigar but he will be still angry. Pari says jigar to have food if not koki will blame her. Jigar remains calm. Pari starts sit-ups, jigar walks off from there. Pari rushes behind jigar and hugs him and says sorry for hurting him. At the same moment, urmi enters into the house and finds jigar-pari hugging. Urmi yells that its been only few days that rashi dead and now she is seeing all this. Koki says urmi that its just a misunderstanding. Pari feeds jigar forcefully. Pari feels happy that jigar is eating. Urmi asks pari to pack all her things and come along with her. But pari denies to come with her as she hadnt finished her project. Urmi asks gopi about tolu-molu. gopi replies that they went to school. Urmi scolds gopi for sending them school in this sad situation. Koki defends gopi. Urmi taunts koki that she will ever support her gopi. Urmi says she will wait in rashi's room. Koki calls pari to kitchen to talk something serious. Koki scolds pari not to interfere in jigar's life and not to involve in others life and make them feel bad. Pari hugs koki and says she was trying to make everyone smile as all are sad. Koki gets calm. 

At school, tolu-molu enter into their class, few classmates discuss about them. Their class teacher come there and mira leaves from there. At modi bhawan, urmi scolds pari not to try to woo jigar and just concentrate only on her project. Pari defends herself but urmi scolds her. Pari leaves from there. At school, tolu overhears some kids saying that rashi is dead. Tolu-molu-vidya gets angry and fight with them. Their teacher come there and stop them. Tolu says teacher that kids were speaking that rashi is dead but she has gone out for some work, and she is writing letters daily for them. Teacher sends away kids to home. Kinjal calls hetal and asks whether urmi is fine there. Here Jigar yells at ahem that he cannot work at office as he is upset. Koki-urmi asks ahem not to disturb him about work. Ahem says he wanted jigar to divert his mind so that he will out from depression. 

Tolu-molu return home. Urmi asks what has happened. Tolu says urmi that one of their classmates were saying that their mother is dead. Tolu again says actually their mother has gone out for some work and she is writing letters for them. Tolu says gopi doesnt lie anytime. 

Urmi scolds gopi for hiding the truth of rashi's death. Urmi says she would tell her grandchildren that their mother is dead.