Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Veera 16th August 2014 Written Update

Nihal hugs veera and blesses her. Baldev-ranvi hugs nihal. Ranvi asks nihal not to remember the accident and feel bad. Nihal leaves in taxi. All come back into the house and sadly starts removing the banners. Nihal comes back and asks ranvi and others not to remove them. All find nihal back and feel happy. Nihal says he couldnt leave them and stay in Poland. He wants to live for them and their pind and die for them. Veera-ranvi hug nihal and thank him. Ranvi hugs gunjan in happiness and realizes everyone there. Baldev makes fun that no one is watching them. Nihal-ratan look at each other. Nihal asks baldev to take pictures of them. Baldev takes veera's pictures and later the complete family. 

Next day, veera-nihal come to poly house. Nihal finds everything going well and appreciates veera. Baldev comes there with a watermelon. Nihal jokes with baldev that he want to eat watermelon, baldev couldnt answer. Nihal says he was making fun and leaves from there. The couple have the watermelon. Veera says she is happy that everything is going good between ranvi-nihal. Veera again asks baldev that they should go on a date. Baldev asks her where she wants to go. Veera suggests disco.

Ranvi calls the manager and asks about his album release. The manager says the album will be out in the market in 2 days and asks ranvi to collect his cheque. Ranvi feels happy and shares this news with his family. All feel happy and proud of ranvi. But veera doubts why the manager hadnt called them before the release. Later, baldev-veera go to disco. Their others insult baldev saying he should go to some dhaba to dance bhangra for punjabi songs. Baldev gets angry but veera stops him. Baldev orders some food. But the couple doesnt like it. The manager makes fun of them saying they are not posh people to enjoy such a kind of food.