Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari thinks of doing something rather than sitting idle. Pari checks money in her wallet and thinks this amount isnt enough. Tolu-molu-vidya come into the room and starts painting. Pari scolds them to leave from there but kids deny to leave. Kids provoke pari that she cannot paint as they do. Pari says she can paint well than them. Kids ask her to hand paint. Pari does. When pari goes to wash her hands, kids bring pari's mobile to modi ladies. Koki says it isnt right to make kids to do all this but they have to. Koki feels guilty. Urmi checks recent call list. Someone calls on pari's mobile, its from some online shopping. Again gets another call. Its from a goon. He asks pari to bring all the money and meet him at the market. Modis wonder. Gopi notes down the goon's number. Gopi goes to pari's room to keep back the mobile. She places it on the bed in same position. Pari comes out and finds gopi in her room and scolds not to plan something to make her leave the house. Gopi leaves.

Modis reach market and finds the goon waiting for pari. Gopi calls him and confirms. Urmi recognizes and says its the same person who came to modi bhawan to meet pari. Pari comes there and gives 1 lakh to the goon. The goon rejects to take 1lakh and asks pari to bring 2lakhs. Pari says she has only 1lakh. The goon warns pari to bring 2lakhs soon if not he would reveal the truth about her marriage to jigar was a fraud and he has helped her. Pari says she would bring later and the goon agrees. Gopi records all this. Later modis come back home. Koki yells at pari to leave their house as they have proof against her. Gopi shows the video to pari. Pari shocks. Pari asks gopi to show the video again. While watching she plans to delete and deletes it. Pari smiles at gopi and says she is very sorry for deleting the video. Pari proudly says koki that she cant leave modi bhawan nor jigar. While pari walking back to her room, koki-ahem-urmi shows the same video in their mobiles. Pari shocks. Koki says now she has learnt the value of smart phones. Pari suddenly cries and apologies everyone that she had made a mistake. Koki asks pari to leave. Pari agrees. Pari asks modis to come to main door to give a send off to her. Modis agrees. Urmi goes to rashi's room to take rest. Pari hugs everyone and leaves crying and saying she would miss everyone. Savitha and all find this. After pari leaves koki yells at her neighbors to leave. Jigar says now he is feeling relief and says he would out for a while and goes out. In rashi's room, urmi finds rashi's jewelry in cupboard and thinks she should take them as modis would take them any day. 

Pari makes modis arrest for domestic violence against her.