Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi comes into rashi's room. She finds a bag in urmi's hands. Urmi says she is taking few rashi's pictures and would bring them back. Gopi nods as yes. Urmi goes to her home, kinjal feels suspicious as urmi hides the bag which she has brought from modi bhawan. Urmi scolds kinjal and sends her away from her room. Here lady modis will be happy as pari's chapter has been closed. But pari comes there with police, savitha and other neighbors. Pari shows modis and tells police that these all have hit her and dragged her out of their house as they dont like her. Koki shocks. Koki yells at pari to stop the nonsense but pari says see how modis are yelling at her before police as well. Police says modis that pari has filed case against them about domestic violence on her. Ahem says police that he wanna show few proofs against pari. But pari tells police that they are trying to call someone and get a bail so they should arrest them before hand. Police takes all the mobiles and gives them to pari. Police doesnt arrest bha as per pari's request. Even savitha and neighbors support pari that modis have dragged her out of the house. Police says they have sent lady constable to arrest urmi as well. Pari goes to her room. Bha calls kinjal and tells about modis got arrested, only jigar is out because he was out of the house. Kinjal says bha not to worry and she would talk to jigar. Urmi hears this and thinks police would arrest her and she should escape. Police comes there and takes urmi to arrest. Pari comes there and says police that urmi is innocent. So police leaves. Pari asks urmi to delete the video if she doesnt want to get arrested. Urmi takes out her mobile but the jewelry in urmi's hands fall on ground. Urmi collects them and takes inside. Kinjal asks pari to take back her complaint. But pari rejects and leaves. 

At modi bhawan, jigar yells at pari to take back her complaint. Pari says jigar to ask her sweetly. Jigar says. Pari says if he doesnt throw her out again then she would take back the complaint. Jigar agrees. Pari calls police and takes back the complaint. Modis return back. Hetal-koki yells at pari not to act sweetly. Pari says if she hadnt married jigar then jigar would have left to US, and now she doesnt want to leave jigar or modi bhawan. Koki-gopi says she cant stay in modi bhawan. Pari replies that jigar had agreed her to stay back. Jigar says pari asked to allow her to stay in their house in return to take back the complaint. Koki says he might have done for his family. Again koki says pari that she is challenging her that in 24hours she would make herself to leave modi bhawan. Pari agrees for the challenge.