Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, modis will be having breakfast, pari comes there. All ignore whatever pari says. Pari says koki that she has no other choice rather than complaining in police station but she is feeling guilty and now she can do anything to get their love. So koki ties pari's hands back and says its her punishment. Gopi says this rope tying is because she made everyone get arrested day before so now she should experience it. Koki says pari to do everything as she wish but should be tied till evening 7'o clock. Pari agrees. All leave. Later, gopi checks her mobile whether pari has deleted all the videos and finds video has been deleted. Gopi thinks she can find the goon's number in pari's mobile. Gopi goes to pari's room and checks in the mobile, but pari comes there and says its bad manners to check others mobile. Gopi says she wants to know the original pari. Pari smiles and tells gopi that she has deleted that number. Gopi leaves disappointed. 

At urmi's house, kinjal scolds urmi for bringing rashi's jewelry without koki's permission. But urmi yells at kinjal that they are her daughter's jewelry and has rights on them. Urmi again scolds kinjal to leave her house. But kinjal says she also has rights in this house so she wouldnt leave from there. Later, kinjal complaints dhawal about urmi but dhaval defends urmi that she is still upset about rashi's death so she should understand. At modi bhawan, ladies gather in bha's room, gopi feels bad that they might be treating pari very badly. Koki says there is no wrong when she has made arrested the whole family. In pari's room, pari feels bad that she couldnt check her mobile since morning. Pari tries using mobile with legs but couldnt. Meeti finds pari staring at fan and thinks she is trying to commit suicide. Modis rush to pari's room worried. But pari says modis that she loves her life and she wouldnt commit suicide. Modis leave. 

Kids plan to trouble pari, they go to pari's room and loosen the bed nuts. Except tolu others run away from there so he hides behind the sofa. Jigar as well comes there. Pari asks jigar to accompany her for sometime but jigar leaves. While leaving, his leg gets trapped under the rope and falls on bed along with pari. Pari feels happy. Tolu finds this. Tolu says sorry and rushes away from there. Later, pari comes to koki and asks for food but koki rejects.