Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 22 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki-gopi-kids will be searching for kitty but couldnt find it. Kids think of checking in their room again. Pari will be searching for kitty outside. Urmi comes and brings a kitty. Urmi gives it to pari and leaves. Pari brings the kitty inside the house. At urmi's house, urmi comes to kinjal's house and scolds for taking cheap dresses for tolu-molu and designer wear for dhaval-pappu. Kinjal says she bought clothes for pappu-dhaval but not for tolu-molu. Urmi yells for lying but kinjal yells back to leave without blaming her. Koki gives the kitty to savitha. But savitha feels some changed behavior of her kitty. Koki appreciates pari for finding kitty. Modis come back into the house. But savitha comes back and tells its not her lilly (kitty) as its not obaying her. Pari defends that she is misunderstanding. Koki yells at savitha not to blame them anymore. So savitha says she would call the owner of the cat to check whether its lilly or not. Pari gets worried. Savitha taunts koki that now she is trying to pressure her to accept the other cat. Savitha leaves angrily. Koki says everyone that they need not worry about lilly because they have done nothing with lilly. Pari will be worried that if koki finds out that the cat isnt lilly then koki would kill her so she has to find out. Gopi finds pari worried. Pari comes out and will be searching for lilly. Pari yells for lilly and gopi comes there. Gopi asks pari what is she searching for by yelling lilly. Pari again lies that she was searching for her earrings. Pari says she has missed one of the earrings and would search in garden. After pari leaves, gopi finds cat's hair and gloves on a car. Pari calls urmi and tells her to help to find lilly as savitha is bringing the owner of lilly. Gopi comes there and softly says that she has lied to them again and got into trouble once again. Pari requests gopi not to tell koki that the cat isnt lilly. Gopi comes inside the house to tell about pari's lies. But savitha comes back to modi bhawan and once again blames koki that the cat isnt lilly. Koki yells at savitha. The cat jumps from savitha's hands so she rushes back. Gopi says koki that savitha is saying true.

Lilly's owner comes and checks lilly. The owner says its lilly. All remain shocked.