Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 22 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2014 Written Update

 Ishistha in her room, raman comes there. Raman comes to ishitha and asks she was jealous about sanjana's relation with him. Ishitha denies it. But raman says yes she was jealous and she has yelled at him last night and made everything misserable. Ishitha again denies. Raman says when woman is in love she feels jealous when another woman tries to come near her man. Ishitha again denies. Again ishitha says raman to say mihir that she is very impressed with his words. Raman romantically comes near ishitha and asks whether she is feeling ill as she is red with jealous. Ishitha leaves from there angrily. Shagun will be angry with mihir. Ashok-suraj will be happy that mihir will never come back to shagun. But Mihir comes there. Mihir gives the shagun things to ashok. Mihir asks ashok to get married to shagun as early as possible as they are in relation for more than 5 years. Shagun comes downstairs happily. Shagun hugs mihir. Shagun proudly says looking at suraj that her brother has come. Mihir says ashok that he would fix a date for their marriage. Mihir leaves. 

Ishitha recalls raman's words about jealous and about shagun's freedom and feels happy. Milka comes there and says she is still in shock that shagun gonna be her sister-in-law. Ishitha says milka not to get worried about it as mihir can handle it everything very well. Milka gets convinced. Ishitha says milka that she wanna share something about raman. Ishitha says that she used to hate about raman's behavior used to be so rude but later she realised that raman actually cares about everyone very well. He used to care for shagun a lot. Though her marriage has broken once and again got married to raman just to be as ruhi's mom. Then slowly they have become friends but and now she has a little crush on him. Ishitha looks downstairs and finds milka talking to mihir and turns back. Ishitha remains shocked looking at raman. Raman smiles at ishitha and winks at her. Raman leaves from there as doshi calls him. Ishitha feels embarrassed. 

Later in night, doshi says raman and all that she should go to London urgently as her relative is ill and she should go and take care of her. Raman agrees. Doshi will be worried about mihir's marriage. Ishitha says she would take care of it. Raman says he would book the ticket. Doshi will be packing clothes, mrs. ayyar comes there. Romi comes there and gives doshi's passport and leaves. Doshi shows her passport to ayyar. Mrs ayyar checks doshi's picture on passport and says in the picture she is looking so young so security would stop her at immigration. In ashok's room, ashok slaps suraj and yells at him that he has promised that he would not allow this marriage to happen but now he has to do it. Ashok thinks of making shagun to cancel the marriage herself by showing his true color.