Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th October 2014 Written Update

Radha is back in Modi bhawan to trouble modis :(

At modi bhawan, koki asks pari to prepare kichidi for everyone as all the ladies are ill. Pari says she cant prepare so she would order from hotel but koki rejects. Gopi says she would prepare kichidi for them but koki again rejects. Koki insists pari to prepare kichidi herself. Kids come back home. Koki asks pari to prepare dinner for kids and others and kichidi for ladies. Pari gets frustrated with all the work. Kids go to their room. Pari-jay go to kitchen to prepare kichidi. Jay instructs pari to prepare kichidi. The X person will be watching them from kitchen's window. Pari says jay that she hates house hold work. Pari will be worried about the work so she thinks of getting a new maid. Pari calls domestic help to get a new maid. Pari serves food to kids. She gets tired. Kids will be asking for water and other works and she gets more tired. Pari gives chocolates. Kids fight for chocolates, tolu gets hit to table and bleeds. Pari does the first-aid and tolu hugs and thanks her. Pari looks at gopi happily but gopi gets upset. Later, pari says jay that she couldnt find a maid for them. Jigar-ahem comes back home. Ahem goes to his room along with vidya-mira. Jigar finds wound on tolu's head and asks about it. Pari says jigar that she had done the first-aid to tolu. Jigar ignores her and asks tolu to be careful. Pari gets upset and goes to garden. Kids also leave. Jay says jigar that it hurts a lot when parents see kids getting hurt and asks jigar to think how does a father feel when he finds his kid humiliated daily and getting hurt. Jay goes to pari to comfort her. But pari will be still upset. Gopi comes there and asks pari to bring veggies. Pari yells at gopi not to order her. Gopi leaves calmly. Pari says jay that she would bring veggies from market. At the market, pari finds a man hitting his wife. Pari scolds him and slaps the person for humiliating a lady. The lady thanks pari and asks to give some help. Pari thinks of taking her as maid to modi bhawan. Its Radha who was observing modis since many days. Radha determines herself to make modis lives miserable as they have done to her. At urmi's house, Urmi calls some fancy dress shop and asks for monkey dress. Urmi shops and come back home with the costume. Pappu doubts urmi gonna do something wrong. Later, a urmi in monkey's costume tries to scare people in the chawl but they hit her. Urmi escapes and gets back to her room through pipe. Kinjal finds the monkey and scares.