Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th October 2014 Written Update

Romi-sarika meet in a park, sarika yells at romi that they got married and now she is pregnant but he is ignoring her now. Romi scolds sarika for sending the pregnancy reports to his home and now he isnt loving her any more. Romi leaves. Toshi-mrs ayyar find this and shocks. Mrs ayyar asks toshi to go home and get all the details from romi and then decide what to do. Toshi agrees. Romi comes back home. Ishu asks romi why sarika is calling her all the time. Ishu acts as if she doesnt know anything and insists romi to tell the truth. Romi finally reveals that sarika is pregnant and he is tried to get rid of her. Ishu slaps romi and asks him to accept sarika and take the responsibility. Toshi comes back home and defends romi that sarika is bad and she believed in him. Toshi scolds ishu as she wasnt serious when she asked to stop this relation. Toshi blames ishu about romi's mistake. 

Here at ashok's place, ashok says sarika that he knows about her pregnancy and he would help her. Ashok again says bhallas has planned this. Raman has made ishu to get rid of ishu's hospital and romi has all the help from raman. Ashok provokes sarika to fight for her life for her baby against bhallas. Ashok says param-raman-romi has exploited her and this time she cannot be quiet because of her baby. Sarika says she needs some time and leaves. Ashok thinks of sueing raman by making sarika to case on romi that he cheated her and steal his Asia award easily. 

Here raman keeps on slapping romi for his mistake about sarika. Ishu stops raman and asks him to make romi to take sarika's responsibility and marry her. Toshi defends romi that when sarika learnt she is pregnant then she should have come to them or call ishu and explain the problem but she hasnt done anything so sarika might be wrong and romi is the victim. Toshi scolds ishu to stop helping outsiders and warns everyone that she would die if raman forces romi to marry sarika. Romi says sarika knew that his family doesnt like her so she thought of having fun with him so he agreed. Raman again slaps romi for cheating a lady. Raman says he would take care of this matter and everyone should agree to his decision. Later raman visits sarika's place, raman feels sorry for romi's mistake. At home, ishu will be confident that raman would give justice to sarika.