Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki asks jigar what  was the reason behind to decide to get married with pari. Jigar recalls their spending night with pari and says they slept together. Mehta hears this and slaps pari. Mehta scolds for spoiling his upbringing by doing this mistake. Jigar apologizes mehta and says he wants to marry her. Pari says he shouldnt get married with that reason and she doesnt want to marry with that reason. Pari hugs koki and apologizes. Pari says she wants to become her DIL. Pari apologizes hetal, bha and gopi. Pari will be leaving with her luggage, but jigar stops her and says he would marry her though he still loves rashi. Bha says this might be for their good future. Koki says since long time they are trying to convince jigar but he dint but now he wants to marry pari. Even gopi supports jigar. Bha says dhanteras is a good day to marry. Koki requests mehta to allow jigar to get married with pari. Mehta agrees. Bha says today evening they will finish up the engagement. 

Later, hetal calls urmi and tells about jigar agreeing to marry pari. Urmi gets hyper and says she wouldnt agree for this marriage. Urmi hangs on the call, urmi decides to ask koki about this marriage. At pari's room, mehta scolds pari for crossing the limit to marry jigar. Pari says she was confident about jigar that he would definitely agree for marriage after his mistake. Mehta leaves. Pari will be very happy. Radha comes there. Pari thanks radha for helping to get her love. Mira comes there and asks for gopi. Pari says she is in mandir, so she leaves. Jigar comes to tolu-molu and says he still loves rashi and would never forget her. Jigar says he has decided to get married with pari. Gopi comes there with mira, gopi explains kids that pari loves jigar a lot and would love them also. Pari has saved our family members many times so she isnt bad. Gopi leave jigar with kids and asks them to convince them. Jigar asks kids their permission, and kids agree. Gopi will doing rangoli and prays laxmi that she still doubting pari and wishes good deeds in the house. Pari comes there. Pari says she might be angry with this marriage. Gopi says pari that she knew very well that this was her plan.