Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd October 2014 Written Update

Ishu packs tiffin for raman as he was angry and dint eat breakfast. Ishu says ruhi will be joining in karate classes soon as now a days girls need to know self defence. Raman in his room, Raman remembers ishu saying mani to keep something secret, shagun saying she found ishu with mani. Mihir comes there. Mihir will be working on some thing on raman's laptop. Raman says mihir that his friend has some problem and explains that his friend's wife is having affair with her friend and give some suggestion. Mihir says all the ladies arent the same, like shagun has hurt him and ishu has solved all the problems in his house and heart. Ishu loves him a lot and she is not like shagun. Mihir says raman to introduce ishu with his friend so that he gets confidence that women are good as well. Finally mihir says raman to talk to his wife and solve all the problems. Raman will be happy that he should once talk to ishu and get all his doubts cleared. 

Mani comes to sarika's house and finds her mother is serious. He calls doctor and he checks. Doctor says mani that sarika's mother has a heart problem and due to some finance problem they dint have the surgery. Mani calls his doctor friend and requests for a surgery. Later mani calls ishu and says about sarika mom's surgery. Toshi comes to ishu and gives medical books as gifts from London. Ishu says raman's pillow was wet and it might be because of AC leakage. But toshi feels that raman is upset. Mani introduces himself as ishu's friend. Sarika thinks he came to explain to take back the case. Mani explains that he helped her mother as a charity, and ashok is taking revenge on raman with this case, and he would talk to romi and convince to give his name as the baby's father but not to marry her. Later, mani explains romi that raman will never help him if he gets jailed in this case, and he should think of sarika as well. Though sarika is mother of his child, she herself isnt interested in marrying him. But he has support her financially. Mani assures romi that he would a job in any of his companies to support sarika and the baby. Mani asks romi to take a right decision and solve this problem. 

Raman comes back home, toshi thinks of asking raman about his problems. Toshi asks why he was late in the night and looks raman is worried. Raman checks house and asks for ruhi. Toshi says she has joined in karate classes and ishu went to pick her up. At karate school, mani tells ishu that sarika-romi's problem has been solved. Ishu will be very happy that now ashok cannot spoil raman's asia head position. Ishu hugs mani and says he is the best and she loves him. Raman comes there and find ishu hugging mani and saying she loves him. Raman shocks. Mani asks ishu to leave raman and marry him. Ishu replies yes he is her hero so she should come back to him. Raman leaves from there in shock.