Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 27 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari blames gopi that she is always lies about her matters. Koki defends gopi. Pari asks koki why she doesnt scold gopi though she does anything. Gopi says pari that when she has problem with her presence then she wouldnt participate in any of her marriage occasions from now. Even koki remains calm. Gopi leaves from there with tears. Pari says gopi has spoiled her function. Koki asks pari to wash her face and come back, radha to bring one more bowl of haldi (turmeric paste). Both ladies leave. Mehta finds gopi leaving in tears and goes to her room. Mehta apologizes gopi for all pari's mistakes and says pari loves jigar a lot and now she is sincere towards this marriage. Mehta asks gopi to give a chance to pari so that she can become good. Gopi remains calm. Mehta leaves. 

At urmi's house, urmi will be upset as modis have decided to marry pari to jigar. Madhu-kinjal comes there and tries to console urmi. Urmi yells at both that they have forgot rashi so soon. Kinjal says jigar is getting married only for kids but not for himself. Urmi decides to stop this marriage anyhow. At modi bhawan, pari couldnt clean the paint on her face so she gets irritated. Gopi says ahem that she dint do anything against pari. Now she has made up her mind as jigar's wife and now even koki doesnt believe her. Ahem comforts gopi. Here pari will be worried that jigar hasnt accepted her whole heartedly. Radha comes into garden and speaks herself that she will be much more happier when gopi invites her sister into the house. 

Later, in kitchen, koki says gopi that she believes her and she should have checked haldi before hand than to get scolded or blamed. Gopi gets upset and leaves. Next day, Gopi brings pari's wedding dress to her room and gives pari. Pari takes and closes the door. Radha comes to pari's room to make pari ready for marriage. Jigar in his room will be upset about marriage and will be in tears. Ahem comes there, jigar hugs ahem and cries. Jigar says ahem that he couldnt understand how he can commit this sin. Ahem consoles jigar. Jigar says he is cheating rashi now. Ahem says when he has decided to get married to pari then he should stick to it. Ahem says jigar to get ready and leaves. Radha helps pari in getting ready. Koki calls radha so she leaves. Pari puts on her bangles, but they break. Pari gets upset 
that something bad gonna happen. Mehta says pari that she shouldnt believe in them. Koki-hetal comes there and asks pari to come downstairs soon. Koki-hetal come downstairs, bha calls koki so she goes to bha. Hetal finds gopi working and goes to her. Ahem as well comes there. Hetal asks gopi to attend jigar's marriage though she doesnt like to, as she will be happy if she attends. But koki comes there and asks hetal not to force gopi when she isnt interested to attend. Gopi-ahem wonders at koki's behavior. Before ahem talks to koki, gopi stops him.