Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 27 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th October 2014 Written Update

At the party, raman will be busy talking to guests. Shagun feels pity for raman as he stills thinks of her though he got married again. Bhalla will be angry with raman as he has mentioned shagun for his success. Toshi feels bad as raman has insulted ishu in front of everyone. Here ishu will be crying, mani says raman should know the truth behind his success and his award. Ishu stops him and says raman is happy then she is happy and she doesnt need any credit. Mani consoles her. Ishu says she is happy looking at raman, thats all. Raman finds this and feels angry. Ishu rushes out to her car and cries. Ishu consoles herself. Ishu gets a call from mrs. verma and its emergency and she need to come to hospital. Ishu agrees to come. Ishu leaves. Mani finds ishu leaving and will be worried for her. Raman will be boozing, and checks the bracelet which ishu has gifted him. Raman removes it and throws away. Ishu reaches her hospital and yells at the security man for not opening the hospital before. Ishu gets the call from mrs. verma and says the kid has slept. Ishu yells at verma that how can be so irresponsible. Ishu keeps on crying and yelling at verma. Mani comes there. Though mani says he would drop her but she leaves alone. 

Bhalla will be angry with raman for insulting ishu and yelling at ishu all the time. Toshi says raman is already worried and she should think of raman-ishu's relation as well. Raman will be remembering how ishu has supported him all the time. Raman thinks ishu is same as shagun, if she had some problem then she should have talked to him, now ruhi is happy with ishu but when she leaves them how can she react, when ishu doesnt love why to do all this. Raman feels bad for himself that he got a last gift from ishu and he should save it. Raman will be searching for the bracelet all over. Ishu will be crying in her car remembering raman's words. Raman finds the bracelet. Ishu feels bad that she was yelling at everyone for no reason. Ishu again realizes that they have the relationship only because of ruhi and nothing more. So she shouldnt have any expectations from him. Mani finds ishu crying and feels bad for her. 

Bhallas reach home and find their was a fire accident in their apartment. Everyone will be safe. Mihir thinks of opening their office service apartment so that all the families can stay for a while. Mihir calls raman but he will be angry and doesnt take the call. Later raman takes the call and learns about the fire accident. All reach the spot. Raman says everyone can stay at office appartment for a while and nothing to worry.