Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari comes to kids and explains them that radha is troubling jigar and all others alot so they should help her to get rid of radha from house. Mira will be in confusion to help or not. Pari again says mira that radha has kidnapped her and kept away from modis for 6 years so radha might do something this time as well. Kids agree to help pari. Kids go to radha and start troubling her. Radha gets irritated and runs after them to hit them with her sandal. Pari records this in her smartphone. Tolu sprays deo in radha's eyes. Radha washes her face. Radha grabs mira and warns her to keep distance with her if not she would do the same as she has done during mira's childhood. Radha about to hit mira, gopi comes there and stops radha. Gopi slaps radha and warns to stay away from her kids. Modis gather in hall. Tolu says koki that radha was trying to hit them with her sandal. Gopi again says radha not to dare to hit them. Koki-ahem-jigar scold radha. Radha taunts gopi that kids are misbehaving with elders so she was teaching lesson. And from now she would take care of her kids tolu-molu. Radha again says tolu-molu that very soon they will get another brother/sister to play with them. Gopi scolds radha to talk rubbish before kids. Radha says kids that now she is her mother and they have to accept the truth. Radha leaves from there. Kids asks gopi whether radha was saying the truth? Gopi convinces kids that radha is lying with them and they need not worry about her. 

Pari comes to radha and says she has to leave modi bhawan. Radha wonders why. Police arrive at modi bhawan and asks for radha, Police tells radha that some kids have complained that she was hitting them with sandal so she will be arrested. Modis look on calmly. Radha asks for proof against her. Gopi-ahem says yes she has hit the kids. Pari calls kids. Modis will be worried looking at the kids as they will be in bruises and marks. Pari shows the video to police. Police say they would arrest her now. Radha tries hitting kids, but they rush to their parents. Radha asks police to check the marks. Police check and find out that kids have applied makeup. Police says they cant arrest radha now. Koki apologizes police and they leave. Gopi-jigar insists kids who has guided them to do this. Kids show pari. Koki scolds pari guiding kids in a wrong way. Pari says radha hates kids and was trying to hit them. Gopi says she has repeated the same again. Radha warns pari and others that she will show the reaction for this incident. Radha leaves from there. Jigar warns pari not to guide kids in a wrong way if not he would throw out of the house. Later, gopi-koki will be working near dining table. Koki will be worried what radha would do now. 

Savitha asks gopi to switch on the tv. They find a trailer of jigar's first night. Modis remain shocked.