Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2014 Written Update

Radha pregnant with Jigar's baby. 

At modi bhawan, koki will be worried about what radha would do now. Door bell rings, gopi opens the door. Savitha comes inside and asks gopi to switch on the tv. Gopi does. Modis come downstairs listening to the news about jigar's first night video will be revealed in the night news. Modis shock. Savitha scolds modis and leaves. Koki scolds radha for giving the video to the tv channel. Modis start scolding radha. Radha feels dizzy and tells everyone about that. Modis scold radha that she is acting. Ahem talks to the tc channel head and tells them not to telecast the jigar's video. Radha faints. Gopi sprinkles water and wakes her up. Gopi takes her to room. Doc checks radha and says she is fine but she is pregnant. Modis remain shocked. Doc asks radha to consult a gynic. Radha says modis to be good to her as she has given a good news. Modis say radha that they will never accept her nor the baby into their family. Pari walks away from there angrily. Radha determines herself to make modis to accept her baby by using their sentiment. Hetal feels bad as jigar's life is in twists. Koki consoles hetal that there will be a way for every problem and they have khana ji's support so they need not worry about anything. Pari will be crying as she got married to jigar but had no happiness in her married life. Mehta comes there and consoles pari that she should be strong enough. Gopi will be upset before khana ji about this problem. Radha walks there and acts as if she wants to abort the baby. Next day, kinjal tells urmi that radha is pregnant with jigar's baby. Urmi gets hyper and scolds kinjal about her family. Kinjal asks urmi to admit the truth. Jigar will be upset about all the problems in his life. Ahem tries to console him. Tolu-molu come to jigar and asks why is he crying. Jigar hugs them and remains silent. Ahem tells kids that jigar is missing rashi and he got upset. Kids takes jigar to his room as ahem tells them. Urmi will be upset that she has troubled gopi before marriage so now he is troubling tolu-molu. Later, modis will be having lunch, Pari asks modis that she has no place in their house. Hetal consoles pari. Gopi comes there, Gopi says koki that radha isnt in her room, and in the night she was talking to some doctor about abortion. All ladies search for radha in all the rooms but doesnt find her. 

Radha will be talking to her baby that modis arent accepting so she is eating papaya to get aborted.