Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2014 Written Update

At shagun's mehendi function, simi finds param and meets him. Param lies to simi that he has returned last night and busy with work so couldnt call her. But simi finds out that param was in the city since 7days. Ashok taunts raman that they both are sharing wife, kids and all raman has shared. Ishu asks ashok not to get into a fight and spoil shagun's mood. Ruhi will be getting bored so she thinks of finding her brother but goes to suraj's room and hangs on the video call. Suraj yells at ruhi. Ruhi comes out crying and dashes to shagun who was talking to ashok. Ashok-shagun yells at ruhi. Shagun raises hand to slap ruhi but ishu comes there and stops her. Ishu scolds shagun that ruhi is her daughter and she has no right to scold or slap her. Shagun taunts ishu that she dint give birth to ruhi but defending her. Ishu taunts back that though shagun has given birth to ruhi she never treated as her daughter or loved her properly. Ishu-raman takes away ruhi from there. Ishu feels bad for ruhi that she has forced ruhi to attend shagun's functions but now she got yelled. Ruhi comes there and consoles ishu that shagun would never scold her now as ishu mom will be always there to protect her and they all would attend the remaining functions. Shagun cries before aadhi that ishu has spoiled her mehendi function. Aadhi will be angry with ishu that she has insulted his mom and he should take revenge. Later, mihir asks raman's help as he has forgot to call choreographer. Raman asks mihir to invite ayyars and provoke them so that bhallas also dance along.