Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2014 Written Update

Urmi at her home, holding rashi's picture cries, and tells that after she has passed away jigar has got married to pari and now radha is back in modi bhawan and she is pregnant with jigar's baby. And urmi will be upset as she couldnt keep her promise about she taking care of tolu-molu. Kinjal finds urmi crying and consoles her. Radha asks koki to prepare the rotis for her after grinding from chakki herself. Pari gets angry and scolds radha. Radha says her baby that modis arent fulfilling her wishes and drinks poison. Gopi-hetal gets worried for radha. But radha tells the ladies that she hasnt done anything yet but she will kill her baby if they dont listen to her. Finally koki agrees. Urmi calls tolu-molu and asks whether they are fine. Kids assure urmi that they are fine. Kids say that radha asked koki to gring wheat using chakki. Urmi feels happy and tells koki is worth for this torture from radha. Koki who was passing by hears this phone call conversation and takes the call. Koki warns urmi not to teach nonsense to her kids. Urmi says she would laugh at her as she too has tortured her in the past. Later, in the night, mehta tries killing radha using chakki but pari stops him and takes him away. Pari apollogizes radha who got scared of this. Pari promises she would bring another chakki for her and says mehta sleep walks and as he was in pressure about this chakki, he tried to throw it on her. Radha gets scared of it. Koki gets ready to grind wheat using chakki, but radha stops her and asks she need not do that. Radha leaves. Koki asks pari whether it was her plan. Pari says koki that she cannot see radha troubling her in any way. Kids come downstairs to go to school. Gopi-koki-pari finds mira some what tensed and asks about it. But mira denies the question and leaves to school. Later, gopi gets a call from mira's school teacher telling mira cried in school without any reason. Kids come back home. Radha as well come downstairs. Pari takes kids to her room saying she wanted to show their family pics on fb. All the kids and ladies gather in pari's room. Pari says everyone that she cannot ask anything before radha so she brought everyone here. Gopi slowly asks mira about the problem, after a while, mira tells that radha has warned her that she would kill her if she doesnt listen to her and radha has slapped her. Ladies will be angry about radha's behavior towards kids. Pari asks everyone to be calm and she has a plan to solve this problem. All ladies agree to help pari. 

Later, radha recieves few wedding invitations through post. Radha says now she would atted these marriages and insult modis there. Modis says if they doesnt attend the marriage then no one cares about radha's nonsense. Jigar gets a call that his new business on the name of rashi has been approved and they have a party for all his family members. Jigar happily hangs on the call. Jigar shares this news with pari. Pari congratulates jigar and hugs him. Pari says she would gather all the family in bha's room to share this news. In bha's room, jigar shares this good news to everyone. Pari offers jigar to have some sweet, jigar forcly has some. Pari hugs and kisses jigar. Jigar invites everyone to party and leaves. All the gents leave. Pari says they have to plan properly and do not let radha to know about this good news. Radha comes there to find out whats happening. Pari finds radha at door and asks ladies to give her a position in their house other than radha, but ladies doesnt agree. Radha hears this and feels happy. Pari leaves angrily from there. Later, mehta-pari acts before radha that they would take modis to temple and kill radha over there. Radha gets scared and thinks of avoiding. Kinjal shares the news about jigar's new business with urmi, but she will be angry as modis havent invited her. 

Urmi comes to modi bhawan and asks about koki to radha. Radha tells they went to mandir. But urmi tells radha that they have gone for some party. Urmi tells the address of the party and leaves.