Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 13th November 2014 Written Update

Raman brings milk for ishu and asks her to sleep on bed for today. Ishu drinks milk and thanks raman. Raman says he should indeed thank her. Ishu asks raman to talk to mihir and ask him not to break his relation with shagun as after a long time they both got together. Raman replies ishu that now mihir is angry with shagun though she hasnt done any mistake this time. Both get to bed, after a while, raman finds ishu sleeping and sits beside her. Raman feels bad for ishu and gets back to bed. Raman will be thanking ishu for all the help she has done for his family till now. Here suraj and param will be happy about ishu's situation. Param tells today they would celebrate the bachelor party. Suraj says param that he would make ashok happy by insulting ishu in the party. Suraj says he would plan something so that ishu comes to the party. Here milka comes to ishu to apologize her. Ishu says she has done nothing, aadhi has to be taken care. Milka tells ishu that shagun has come to apologize. Ishu meets shagun, shagun apologizes ishu and invites ishu for her hen's party. Ishu denies but shagun insists. Ishu remembers raman's words that he isnt willing to attend any of shagun's functions anymore. Shagun insists so ishu agrees. Raman explains mihir in office that he shouldnt break his relationship with shagun as its effecting his kids. 

Aadhi will be playing basket ball and remembers how he got insulted because of ishu. Param comes there. Param explains aadhi that ishu is the main reason for all this fuss. She has provoked raman so that he hurts shagun. And she has seperated his family as well. Param again tells aadhi that now he will help him to get revenge with ishu. Aadhi agrees to help. Param tells aadhi that he has to message ashok's bachelor party's address from shagun's mobile so that ishu comes there and gets insulted by them. Aadhi brings the mobile, param sends the message. Param informs suraj that he has succeeded in the plan. Here at milka's house, ishu comes there. Milka asks ishu to come along with them but ishu tells she would directly come there. Shagun calls milka to come fast. So she leaves. Ishu gets the address msg from shagun. Ishu will be confused how and why she should attend this hen's party.