Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to seek urmi's help. Urmi denies and drags her out of the house. But gopi helps pari and explains urmi that radha is troubling them and as well kids. Urmi again rejects. Gopi seeks help from urmi for the sake of tolu-molu. Pari explains the plan about fake dying. Urmi gets angry and rejects to help. Urmi closes the door. Kinjal also pleads urmi to help but she denies. At modi bhawan, radha finds ladies in hall and thinks now modis will not dare to trouble her anymore. Gopi-pari come back home. Ladies will be upset that urmi has rejected to help them.  Kinjal comes there. Kinjal says everyone that she would help them as urmi is rejecting to help. Pari takes them to the balcony, and explains the plan that daily radha applies oil to her hair and takes sun bath in the morning. So that time pari will provoke radha and makes her drop the plant pot to fall. At the same time kinjal will be ready with fake blood on her head and acts as if she is dead. So they can trap radha in a murder case. Modis decide to impliment this plan as they need to get rid of radha forever. Urmi finds kinjal has gone to modi bhawan to help modis. But urmi will be angry that how could she go to modis to help when she has rejected to help. Urmi says she would go to modis. Here pari places few marbles under the flower pot and keeps the pot loose. Modis will be ready for the plan. Modis already fixes a cc camera near the balcony. Radha will be applying oil in the balcony. Pari goes to radha and starts provoking. Pari provokes radha that she will be considering her as an affair but not wife. In the warenda, urmi finds kinjal and starts scolding her for coming here to help modis. Urmi gets hyper and drags kinjal to take her away. Pari challenges radha to hit her. Radha takes out a stick from the flower pot and will be ready to hit pari. But the pot hits urmi and she gets fainted. All get shocked looking this. 

Gopi scolds radha for killing urmi.