Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari comes to radha and finds radha worried and feels happy. Pari calls radha to come downstairs as modis wanted to talk to her about urmi's death. Koki tells radha that they have decided to call police and arrest her because of urmi's death. Radha pleads koki that not to make her arrest. Koki says radha that she has tried to kill her in jigar's party so she might have planned to kill urmi. Radha pleads bha, gopi, hetal not to make her arrest. But no one supports her. Radha pleads everyone that she is pregnant and they shouldnt hurt the baby atleast. Modis start acting that they are worried about the baby and decides not to make her arrest. But koki says radha that she has to obey her rules if not they would make her arrest. Radha accepts to obey them. Hetal tells 1st rule that she would not try to hurt to her baby, 2nd rule: not to hurt mira, vidya and tolu-molu, 3rd rule: she should respect everyone in the family, 4th rule: to stay out of jigar. Later, koki-gopi-pari brings healthy laddus for radha but she rejects to eat. Koki warns radha to listen to them if not she will be arrested. Pari forces radha to eat the bitter laddu as she has forced mira to eat the chilly powder. 

Here shah family come back to their home. Kinjal and all tells urmi to stay at home for 9months so that their plan would be successful. Urmi rejects to stay at home. Kinjal locks the main door. Urmi says everyone that she wouldnt eat or move away from the door. Kinjal calls gopi. Gopi pleads urmi to listen to them. Gopi will be talking to urmi on mobile in her room, radha passes from the room and hears gopi talking to someone. Gopi finds radha near her room door, and acts as if she is talking to kinjal and feeling bad about urmi's death. Radha hears gopi talking and thinks she is talking to kinjal and leaves. 

Radha thinks of kicking pari out of the modi house.