Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Weekly Update : 10th to 15th November 2014

Pari tells modis that she has a plan to keep radha under their control. Gopi-koki and all agree as radha started troubling kids. Jigar shares the good news of his new business under the name of rashi. Modis plan to keep it secret from radha as she might spoil their party. Pari-mehta plan scare radha to kill her by taking radha to temple. Radha will be scared and rejects to come along with modis to temple. But urmi comes to modi bhawan and informs radha that modis have gone to party. Jigar gets insulted in the party as the other officers laugh at him as he has married pari after 3months of his wife's death. Radha as well goes to the party. Radha plans to tell everyone in the party about her pregnancy. But koki spoils her plan by asking radha to apply lipstick before going on to the stage but gives a glue stick. By that radha's lips get stuck and couldnt talk. Later, radha and urmi gets into an argument. Radha makes mira to eat chilly powder as to take revenge with modis. Koki and her gang plan to keep radha calm now. Pari tells everyone about her plan to make someone get killed in radha's hands so that they can blackmail radha. Modis think of implementing this plan with urmi. Pari-gopi plead urmi to help them but she rejects. Kinjal agrees to help modis. Pari keeps a stick in a flower pot and provoke radha to hit her. While radha taking out of the stick from the flower pot, the pot slips and falls on urmi who walks in. Modis continue their plan as urmi is dead by radha's hands. Modis convince radha that urmi is dead. Modis finish the cremation. Radha will be scared that urmi's spirit might take revenge on her.