Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th November 2014 Written Update

Ishu is still upset about the incident and couldnt sleep. Raman finds ishu upset and gets angry with ashok. Ishu remembers the humiliation done by ashok and param, cries. Toshi comes to ishu's room and finds ishu crying. Toshi asks what has happened. Ishu cries and explains. Toshi gets angry and thinks raman will never leave her now. Vandhu-romi in hospital, romi says he is fine and no need of check up. Doc tells romi is fine. Romi-vandhu leaves. Sarika thinks herself that romi isnt well now and would learn how it will be when he takes a wrong report. Raman goes to shagun and yells why she has sent the wrong address. Shagun defends herself that she told milka to bring her to the party. Raman says the message has come from her mobile. Shagun says her mobile has a password to open the mobile. Raman asks whether aadhi knows the password. Aadhi hears raman yelling at shagun and walks off from there. Here at ashok's place, aadhi comes to param and tells raman is doubting him now and he is angry. Param says aadhi that though he tells that param has sent the message no one believes him and raman will definitely scold him. Aadhi will be scared and leaves from there. 

Shagun defends herself that she hasnt done this. Milka believes her. But raman yells at shagun that he wouldnt leave aadhi if he has done the mistake. Raman leaves. Mihir yells at shagun for her wrong upbringing. Mihir remembers that rajeev has planned before and sent him to bring some alchol. Mihir thinks of telling to raman but milka stops him and asks him to tell raman later as he needs to take care of ishu. Milka thinks of revealing ashok's true intentions before shagun so that she doesnt marry him. Simi in her room, Simi doubts param has done all this fuss with well planning. Simi calls param and asks about how did ishu come to the bachelor party. Param admits that he has messaged using shagun's mobile. Param again says ishu-raman has insulted him very badly so he has planned this revenge. Simi cries and says why he should do and she has believed him. Simi again says he should be thankful to raman-ishu but he is taking revenge on them. Param says raman has manuplated her and hangs on the call. Later, raman will be waiting for aadhi outside the house. Aadhi comes back. Raman yells at aadhi that he has become an evil living with shagun. Aadhi says raman that shagun got hurt because of ishu, ishu has stolen ruhi from him, always scolds shagun and raman has never cared for him and never felt how he feels about him. Aadhi yells at raman that he doesnt treat him as his father and wanted no relation with him and he will be hurting ishu and he is ready to go jail for his mother. Raman will be shocked listening to aadhi.