Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari will be making rotis. Vivan comes there. Vivan tries to talk to pari but she gets scared of him. Vivan grabs pari's hand and while taking her hand, vivan gets hurt by the hot tawa and yells out of pain. So koki-gopi rushes over there. Pari gets scared and jumps out of the window before koki comes inside. Koki asks vivan what is he doing here. Koki calls for pari and she walks back into the kitchen. Koki scolds pari for not taking care of vivan properly. Pari walks out calmly. Pari will be walking towards the gate thinking about vivan and jigar comes in car and finds pari walking and hits the breaks so that pari doesnt get hurt. At the same time vivan as well rushes towards pari. Pari hugs jigar and cries. Vivan gets angry. Pari looks at vivan and walks back into the house. Jigar asks vivan as well to come into the house and walks off. Next day, Pari calls her dad and asks him to meet her near a hotel. Vivan comes to pari's room and searches for her. He finds pari leaving and rushes out. Vivan as well starts off in the car. Pari meets mehta, he consoles his daughter. Pari takes the hotel number. While leaving, pari takes back the car from the parking, but vivan stops. Vivan gets down and scolds pari for avoiding him when he wants to talk to her. Pari says she doesnt want to talk to him nor has anything to talk. Vivan stops her and tells he has a gift for her. He opens a gift wrap and shows a ring. Pari asks whats this. Vivan explains pari that she has left their wedding ring in Delhi and he has all information how she got married to jigar and how radha come back into modi bhawan. Vivan tells he would leave Rajkot along with her. Pari denies to accept. Ahem gets down at the hotel to meet his client and finds pari-vivan talking. 

Pari comes back home where gopi-jigar will be worried about her. Gopi asks where did she go. Ahem as well comes inside the house. Pari replies she went to mandir. Modis gather in the hall. Ahem asks pari why she is lying when she dint even go to temple and he found her talking to vivan. Pari gets tensed. Vivan comes there and tells yes its true that pari was him and she is behaving so because of him. Pari signs vivan not to say anything. Vivan says he wants to give modis a gift before leaving Rajkot so he took pari's help. Vivan shows a small khana ji's murthi/idol and tells pari was helping him to select it and surprise them. Ahem feels sorry about pari and remains calm. Vivan says he want to place it in the mandir. All walk towards mandir. Gopi stops vivan and tells him that no one in the family enters into the mandir when they are wearing a leather belt. Gopi places the idol in mandir. All close their eyes and prays. But vivan winks at pari when she opens her eyes. Pari gets nervous. Even radha finds vivan winking. Koki will be suspecious about pari's behavior. All leave. Gopi stops koki and asks why is so worried about pari and she should start believing pari now. But koki says gopi that she might regret believing pari.