Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2014 Written Update

Gopi explains koki that she too has misunderstood pari first but later she found how much she loves jigar and believed that pari is the best pair for jigar now and she would definitely take care of tolu-molu well. Koki warns gopi that she would repent about later. Pari comes to her and locks the door. Pari shocks finding the her-vivan's pics together on wall. Vivan comes out of the washroom and tells she has not changed a bit, or she has changed her perfume and he still loves her. Pari yells at vivan that she is in love with jigar now and everyone in the family knows the truth. Vivan taunts pari that he knew all the story how she planned to marry jigar and bringing radha home and later radha getting pregnant. But he still loves her and he would take her back with him to Delhi. Pari says she loves jigar truly so he cant get her back. Vivan taunts pari that jigar has 2 sons and has married 3 till now. And importantly jigar doesnt love pari but he still loves her. Vivan yells out that he still loves pari. Pari requests vivan not to shout. While stopping him, he drops a flower vase. Koki who was passing by pari's room hears this sound and walks there. 

Koki bangs pari's door and asks whether she is fine and asks to open the door. Pari gets scared hearing to koki's words. Vivan asks pari to tell some excuse as usual. Pari opens the door. Koki asks why is she so scared. Pari says there was a lizard in her room and got scared of it. Koki finds pari's behavior suspicious and walks inside the room. Pari finds pics on floor and walks there. Pari stands on the pics so that koki doesnt find them. Koki looks around and walks out. Pari once again locks the door, vivan comes out of the window. Vivan asks pari to sleep well and leaves. Later, kids come to pari's room and asks her to help them to prepare the Christmas costumes for them. Jigar-gopi as well come there to help kids - pari. All of them will be busy in the preparations. Jigar finds pari disturbed. Kids fall asleep so gopi takes away vidya-mira. Then tolu-molu also sleep. Pari-jigar take them to kids room. Jigar asks pari whether she is fine. Pari replies as yes. Jigar tells pari that she can share anything with him. Pari feels touched and gets tears. Jigar wipes her tears. Vivan will be looking at them angrily from his room.