Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2014 Written Update

Urmi visits the builder and asks him to buy her chawl. Builder says if he has to vacate the chawl people from the chawl then she will receive less amount than decided. Urmi agrees. The builder takes few signatures of agreement. After coming home, dhaval-kinjal warns urmi that the builder would take their chawl but urmi assures them that it doesnt happen. Tolu calls urmi and asks her to come to modi bhawan as they are celebrating christmas at their house. Urmi wonders. Koki invites urmi for xmas party. Later in the evening, urmi reaches modi bhawan for xmas party. Radha will be waiting for vivan to come home. Tolu-molu remember rashi and feel bad. Pari consoles them and asks not to cry whenever they remember rashi, if not rashi in the heaven would get upset. Tolu-molu say that rashi has sent pari to take care of them. Jigar feels happy. Pari goes to kitchen to bring snacks. Jigar goes there and thanks her for taking care of kids well. Pari tells she has fallen in love with him and before she used to hate kids but now they have become her world. Jigar remains silent. Koki calls them so they come out. Kids will be playing with santa. Santa gives gifts to everyone. All of them will be dancing for jingle bells music, vivan in santa costumes takes pari aside. Vivan says he knew very well that she has planned this xmas party at home to avoid his dinner party but he has done something he wanted already. Pari remembers taking a gift from santa and gets scared. Pari comes inside and takes her gift and walks to her room. Jigar finds pari worried and follows her. Pari goes to a balcony and opens the gift wrap. She finds the ring and shocks. Vivan comes into the balcony and tells he would take her back again. Pari tells vivan that she loves jigar truly now and he can reveal their relation with jigar. Pari warns vivan to stay out of her life. Vivan tells he has sent their engagement cd to jigar. Pari says if something bad happens after jigar checking that video then she would never forgive him.