Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd January 2015 Written Update

Koki asks gopi not to believe pari and warns gopi not to leave the house. Vivan says he should leave modi house now, but modis think its pari's mistake and asks vivan to stay back. Vivan smirks and leaves. Koki asks gopi to clean vivan's room along with meeti. Gopi finds the green coat in the room and recalls vivan wearing the same coat. Gopi again recalls pari saying that she thought its jigar and hugged him. Gopi understands that vivan has betrayed pari. Here pari comes to the hotel and enquires about mehta and learns that mehta has checked out. Pari calls mehta and finds out that he is out of town. Pari decided not to tell anything to him and hangs on. Gopi calls pari and tells she has known all the truth. Pari asks gopi to help her. Gopi steps out and remembers koki-ahem's warning about not to step out of the house for pari. Hetal goes to jigar's room. But he insists her to leave him alone. Jigar gets upset as he feels betrayed about pari. Koki feels bad for jigar. Later, koki-ahem doesnt find gopi inside the house and wonders where she has gone. Koki says gopi has changed a lot and stops ahem who thinks of finding her. Pari will be walking on road, she realizes vivan is following her and walks faster. Gopi comes there. Vivan hides aside. Gopi picks pari and leaves. Pari says vivan is following her. Gopi tells pari that she found jigar's coat in vivan's room and knew the truth. Gopi asks pari to tell their past. Pari explains she and vivan got engaged. One day sonia, vivan's ex-wife has called pari and told that vivan is very dangerous and hits ladies. Pari doesnt believe it ans hangs on the call. Later sonia shows few bruises and tells pari that vivan has hit her as she has called pari and told about him. Pari decides to leave him and have some space alone so she came to urmi's house. 

Koki asks gopi to decide between pari and family. Gopi chooses pari. Modis remain shocked.