Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th January 2015 Written Update

Koki cries as gopi left the house because of pari. Hetal consoles koki that everything will be fine. Here gopi also cries about koki as she is unable to understand the truth. Pari consoles gopi. Gopi-pari 
reach urmi's house. Madhu doubts why gopi has come there in late night. Urmi tells madhu that koki has kicked out both the dil's in the late night. Gopi defends koki. Vivan calls radha and tells gopi has rescued pari while kidnapping so their plan got flopped. Radha tells she has expected this and asks vivan to be careful. Koki will be missing gopi. Mira comes to koki and asks koki to believe in gopi as she might be right. Hetal finds mira talking to koki and hopes koki to think positively about pari. Tolu-molu will be fighting about a shirt near jigar, he gets irritated and yells on kids. Ahem comes there and sends the kids to their grandmom. Ahem consoles jigar and thinks this is all happening because of gopi. Pari will be scared of vivan and asks gopi to save her from vivan. Urmi-gopi assures pari that she is in safe hands. Ahem calls gopi and yells that koki is unwell because of her and she cannot step into modi bhawan again. Gopi says ahem that she is the dil of modis and has same rights as he has so she can come there anytime. Koki comes there and defends gopi. Ahem apologizes gopi as koki asks to do so. Koki takes the call and tells she hasnt forgiven her and will not forgive untill she leaves pari. Pari feels bad as gopi is getting scolded by modis because of her. 

Later, savitha and other neighbors reach modi bhawan. Koki wonders why they have come. Savitha tells koki that they are been invited by radha for new year party. Koki says they havent arranged any party and asks savitha not to consider radha's invitation in future. Savitha asks about gopi-pari. Hetal says they went to urmi's house. Hetal calls gopi and asks them to come modi bhawan. Koki says they would have a krishna bhajan. Savitha thinks of leaving but koki says god might punish her so savitha stays back. Gopi-pari-dhaval-kinjal-mdhu will be waiting for auto. Dhaval-madhu-kinjal get into one auto and leave. Another auto comes, pari gets in and auto starts off. Pari finds its vivan and yells for help. Gopi runs behind the auto and finally finds its vivan. Both the ladies will be hitting vivan to stop the auto but vivan kicks gopi with his leg. Gopi hits to a rock and faints. Here koki will be doing aarthi, and the lamp blown off. Koki thinks something bad gonna happen in their family. 

Pari informs modis that gopi met with an accident.