Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 5th January 2015 Written Update

Mihika-ashok dance on aaj phir tum se track. Iyyers get upset looking at the couple. Shagun will be angry. Raman asks iyyers to ignore mihika. The ladies around iyyer gossip that mihika was having an affair with ashok and has dumped her bf for a rich guy like ashok. Mihir cries looking at mihika. Vandu-bala feels bad for mihir. Mihika scolds ashok for making her dance. Ashok says he is calm though she totures at home so now she has to act as if she is the best half of him. Ashok asks mihika to have a touch up and carry a fake smile as her family members are in the party. Mihika goes to the washroom. Ishu as well goes there and tells mihika that they all have seen her crying and there is no need of showing off. Mihika says she doesnt care. Vandhu comes there and takes away ishu from there. Mrs iyyer will be upset. Toshi mixes wine in a cool drink and makes mrs iyyer to drink. Toshi says mrs iyyer to take lite. Adi goes to shagun who was drinking in a corner. Adi asks shagun to come with him to enjoy the party but shagun denies. shagun tells adi that everyone are making fun of her and this is because of ishu-mihika. And she is alone on her anniversary. Adi feels bad and leaves. Shagun thinks of getting back her place in raman's life using adi. Vandhu tries to talk to mihika but she leaves. Mihir keeps on drinking looking at mihika. Vandhu feels bad for mihika-mihir. Adi will be alone sitting. Ishu comes to him and asks about shagun. Adi scolds ishu not to pretend as if she cares for him. Ishu has snatched his father and mihika from ashok. Adi says ishu that she is shameless for wearing shagun's earrings. Adi leaves from there. Ishu recalls what counselor has told raman about adi and thinks of making adi believe that he has a family then only adi will be cured.